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Top 5 Things To Do When Travelling To Türkiye

08 Nov 2022


Looking for your next holiday destination? Let Türkiye blow you away with all it has to offer. Be it learning about historical cultures spawning several thousand years ago, taking in beautiful sights, or just eating your way through each city; Türkiye does it all. With several options for each type of traveler, let’s check out the top 5 things to do when traveling in Türkiye.

Explore the Ancient city of Ephesus

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Step into a time machine and travel back to Ancient Rome, or at least that’s what it feels like to walk through the city of Ephesus. Here, tourists can see the Temple of Athena, one of the seven wonders of the world. The historical ruins in Ephesus have been preserved well for tourists to view what life was like centuries ago, which adds to the magic of Türkiye.


Ride a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia 

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The beauty of Cappadocia is something that must be witnessed by one’s own eyesight, especially at sunrise in a hot air balloon. Known for its fairytale-like views and breathtaking sights, Cappadocia is a stop in Türkiye that cannot be missed. 

Get Instagram-worthy shots from the hot air balloon that will have all your friends drooling over the natural beauty that is Cappadocia in Türkiye. 


Enjoy Delicious Turkish Cuisine 

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What’s a journey to Türkiye without sampling the food of its people? Tuck into authentic kebabs, made with meats that have been spiced and roasted for hours and topped with yogurt sauces for a savory kick of flavour. 

Have a sweet tongue? You can’t miss out on the delicious and rich taste of baklava. This flakey pistachio delight is native to Türkiye, and is sinfully drenched with honey and syrup to make for a dessert to remember. 


Visit Istanbul 

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A city so spell-bounding that Napoleon Bonaparte himself once said, “If the whole world were a single country, then Istanbul would be its capital”.  Istanbul has captured the hearts of many worldwide, and it is no surprise why. 

One of the only countries in the world with a claim to both Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a must-travel location. From its historical ruins to impressive architectural feats, Istanbul will dazzle you with everything and more. 


Shop until you Drop at the Grand Bazaar

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Shopaholics, it’s time to go crazy at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar in Türkiye. With over 61 streets and 4,000 shops and counting, the Grand Bazaar has everything one could want and more. Shop from unique hand carvings, jewelry, antiques, ceramics, clothes, perfumes, shoes, books, and many more. Türkiye is known for its exquisite quality of textiles, leather, and jewelry— so this will be a very satisfying shopping trip for all! 


And with that, we have wrapped up the top 5 things to do when traveling to Türkiye. If you happen to be traveling to Türkiye from Malaysia, you’re in luck! Check out Mayflower Travel’s Discover Türkiye travel package, which includes all the mentioned activities and more!