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*Free Baggage Allowance up to 69kg  *Zero Cancellation Penalty for Student Visa Rejection 
*Full flexibility without change and cancellation penalty  *
Free COVID19 Insurance

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A single point of reference to a world of attractive offers for students travelling abroad with discounted flights, customised insurance, convenient accommodation and other student-centric offers.

Services Offered

1. Discounted flights with added student benefits

Subject to individual airlines, our student fares consists of fares that allow free changes and cancellations, additional baggage allowance and added discounts.


2. Student Centric Insurance

Insurance that provides peace of mind that includes medical and personal cover while studying in a foreign county, tuition fee reimbursement, medical and repatriation services, 24/7 worldwide assistance and sponsor protection that assures students that their studies will be minimally interrupted in the event of an unfortunate event happens to the sponsor of the student.

3. International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

Enjoy student-specific discounts and benefits globally for tours, attractions, accommodation and many more while you make the most of your breaks in between studying.

4. Student Centric Tours

Take time off studies on your semester break to make the most of your time while abroad by travelling to neighbouring districts and countries with like-minded people that relate with your age group.

5. Student Visa Application

Instead of worrying about the processes of applying for a student visa to study abroad, Reach out to us for our visa application services whereby our local in-house experts do all the document submissions and running for you while you focus on the packing and preparation at the comfort of your own home.