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6 Attractions at Universal Studios Japan

23 Feb 2023

Nintendo World

Photo by andreaishiba_ from Instagram


Come and immerse yourself with thrills anyone can enjoy at the world's first* SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™. 

If you enjoy playing Mario Kart online, then this is the chance for you to come race your way to victory here! Imagine The Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge with the iconic Mario Kart courses brought to life! This is definitely a chance for you to come race your way to victory with your friends or family. 

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Minion Park

Credit: Universal Studios Japan


The Minion Park at Universal Studios Japan brings you into the whirling world of Minions. The park is creatively decorated with the movie’s quirky yellow creatures, the Minions!

Photo by laurapd07 from Instagram


Two rides are available here: Minion Mayhem and the Freeze Ray Sliders. If you are into one wild ride, then Minion Mayhem is for you! You’ll get to visit Gru’s lab and begin your journey to becoming a minion. With the hyper-realistic projection, you will have no time to think about what is going up or down.

The Freeze Ray Sliders turns the pool into a massive ice rink. This ride is a nice quick escape from the heat, especially when you visit in the summer.


The Flying Dinosaur 

Photo by universal_studios_japan from Instagram


Imagine an out-of-control Pteranodon seize you from behind and pull you high into the sky!

Inside Jurassic Park, you will climb aboard the world’s largest flying 360 over-the-top ride that will leave you thrilled by the end of your journey. 

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Hollywood Dream - The Ride

Credit: Universal Studios Japan


Who does not fancy a classic rollercoaster ride? 

The Ride is a vertical drop, non-inverting ride with some adrenaline-inducing backwards motions. Best believe you begin screaming in no time and the best thing is, you can groove through the music. Imagine it is playing Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off whilst the ride is going on, what a fun twist!

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Space Fantasy 

Photo by chicchi.ftgw from Instagram


As one of the crowded rides at Universal Studios Japan, this ride embarks you on an intergalactic experience to save the sun! 

The indoor ride combines VR experience with high-spinning rollercoaster action. 

In the mere 4 minute long adventure, you get to see brightly coloured planets while having to dodge asteroids along the way. 


Yoshi’s Adventure

Credit: kikigram_97 on Instagram


Looking to wind down after all the thrilling rides? The Yoshi’s Adventure is the perfect ride for a family activity bonding session or simply to relax whilst doing some light activities. 

Over here, it takes you on a magnificent egg hunt with Yoshi around the Mushroom Kingdom. During the ride, you will most probably spot your favourite Super Mario characters from Princess Peach to Captain Toad! 

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