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Ever since our first Movement Control Order (MCO) hit us on 18th March 2020, overseas leisure travel has been banned by the government. Only a select categories of people can travel overseas and it’s subject to approval by the government after submitting their applications via My Travel Pass (MTP).  



Aside from the necessary steps to obtain a student visa, you would need to proceed to My Travel Pass (MTP)  and select Category 2: 

  1. JUST got a job offer.
  2. JUST got a study offer.
  3. Students who want to take exams.
  4. Attending meeting / seminar / exhibition / business affairs.
  5. Emergency affairs.


For students, you will need to provide: 

  • A valid passport 
  • CAS letter (letter of Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) for UK universities or Form I-20 or DS-2019 for US Universities 
  • Parental consent form signed by both parents for child to leave for UK/US if student is under 18 
  • Birth or Marriage certificate is required if you need to proof the relationship between you and your companion 


For companion (maximum of 2 companions) you will need to provide: 

  • A valid passport 
  • CAS letter (letter of Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) for UK universities or Form I-20 or DS-2019 for US Universities 
  • Birth or Marriage certificate to proof the relationship between you and the student 


* Please note, all companions must depart the country on the same flight as the student.  


1) Upon selecting Malaysian from the MyTravelPass (MTP) main page, Select OTHERS under Travel Purpose and fill in the necessary details under INDIVIDUAL: 



2) Proceed to Applicant Information Details and fill in the student details under APPLICANT 1 while remaining companion to continue under APPLICANT 2 and hence forth: 


3) After submitting your application, you will have to wait a maximum of 14 working days to know the results of your application and the results will be updated at https://mtp.imi.gov.my/myTravelPass/semakan .  


4) Proceed to purchase your student ticket at https://www.mayflower.com.my/int-student while companions can purchase adult tickets at https://www.mayflower.com.my/flight-deals/