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Notice Under The Personal Data Protection Act 2010

The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (hereinafter referred to as the “PDPA”), which regulates the processing of personal data in commercial transactions, applies to Mayflower Holidays Sdn. Bhd. (hereinafter referred to as “Mayflower”, “our”, “us” or “we”). This written notice ("Notice") is issued pursuant to the requirements of the PDPA. For the purposes of this written Notice, the terms “personal data” and “processing” shall have the same meaning as prescribed in the PDPA.

1. This Notice serves to inform you how your personal data will be processed and managed by Mayflower.

2. The personal data that may be processed by us may include, but not limited to, your name, national registration identity card number, passport details, contact particulars (phone number, address, email address etc.), credit/ debit card information, and bank account details.

3. Your personal data is and/or will be collected from the following sources, which shall include but not limited to:

(a) any agreements that you may have signed and executed with us;

(b) any application and/or registration forms submitted by you to us;

(c) any forms submitted by you to us during any contest and/or any promotional or marketing events;

(d) your use of and/or registration with our official website (www.mayflower.com.my);

(e) any emails or correspondences sent by you to us which includes your personal data;

(f) any other documents that are submitted to us for any of the Purposes set out in Clause 4 below; and

(g) third parties such as credit reporting agencies, law enforcement agencies, fraud prevention agencies and other government entities.

4. We are processing your personal data for the following non-exhaustive purposes (“Purposes”):-

(a) verification of your identity and payment details;

(b) communicating with you and responding to your enquiries;

(c) processing, confirming and completing your requests and/or transactions for the products and/or services offered by us, including but not limited to air ticket reservation, hotel reservation, tour packages reservation, car rental, purchase of insurance and/or purchasing of event and/or attraction tickets;

(d) processing your request for any changes or cancellation of the products and/or services purchased; processing of your request for refund;

(e) for our day-to-day operations and administrative purposes, including but not limited to file management, billing and collection, audits and reporting;

(f) if you have elected to register as a member of our website (www.mayflower.com.my/), your personal data will also be used to administer your membership and offer you the perks which you may be eligible for under the membership;

(g) facilitating or enabling any checks that may be conducted on you by us or by any other lawful third party from time to time;

(h) assisting any government agencies or bureaus or bodies, including for the purposes of police and/ or regulatory investigations;

(i) for our compliance with the applicable laws;

(j) facilitating your compliance with any laws or regulations that may be applicable to you;

(k) providing you with information relating to the products and/or services offered by us and/or our parent company, subsidiaries, related or associated companies and/or members of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad, Warisan TC Holdings Berhad, APM Automotive Holdings Berhad and their subsidiaries (collectively, “Group of Companies”), including promotional and direct marketing materials. If you do not wish to receive any promotional or direct marketing materials, please notify us via our contact details as stated in Clause 6 below;

(l) to establish and better manage any business relationship we may have with you;

(m) conducting our internal activities, internal market surveys and trend analysis; and/or

(n) such other purposes as may be related to the foregoing.

Please note that if you fail to provide to us with your personal data, or do not consent to our processing of your personal data, we will not be able to process your personal data for any of the above Purposes, and we will also not be able to provide you with our products and/or services.

5. Personal data of third party individuals:-

(a) If you have provided us the personal data of any third party individuals while engaging our services, you are required to obtain the individual's prior consent and you represent and warrant that you had or have their consent or are otherwise entitled to provide their personal information to us.

(b) By providing us personal data of third party individual(s) to Mayflower, you also warrant that the individual(s) is informed of and consents to the terms of this Notice

(c) You hereby agree to indemnify Mayflower from any claims, liabilities, costs, damages and/or losses that may be suffered by Mayflower as a result of your breach of this Clause 5.

6. You may request for access to and/or correction of your personal data and to contact us with any enquiries or complaints in respect of the use of your personal data as follows:

Phone number : +603-9232-1888
E-mail address : cs@mayflower-group.com

In accordance with the PDPA:

(a) We may charge a prescribed fee for processing your request to access and/ or correct your personal data; and

(b) We may refuse to comply with your request to access to and/ or correct your personal data and if we refuse to comply with such request, we will inform you of our refusal and the reason(s) for our refusal.

7. Your hereby understand and agree that Mayflower may disclose your personal data to the following third parties, whether located within or outside of Malaysia, for any of the above Purposes, which shall include but not limited to:

(a) The third party vendors from which you have purchased the relevant travel products and/or services offered through Mayflower;

(b) banks, credit check companies, credit bureaus or credit reporting agencies and fraud prevention agencies;

(c) governmental departments and/or agencies, regulatory and/or statutory bodies;

(d) our Group of Companies;

(e) our third party providers, including but not limited to information technology service providers, data entry service providers, insurance providers, professional advisors and auditors; and

(f) any such third party as may be requested or authorised by you.

8. You further understand and agree that it is your sole responsibility to ensure that the personal data that you have provided to us is accurate, complete and not misleading and that such personal data is kept up to date.

9. In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the Malay version of this Notice, the English version shall prevail.