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Your Beauty Guide to Seoul

06 Sep 2022

Any beauty and skincare enthusiast will tell you that one of the ultimate destinations one can ever visit is Seoul, South Korea. In recent decades, Korean skincare and cosmetics have taken the world by storm.


Photo by amorepacific.official from Instagram


It’s an undisputed fact that the Korean makeup and skincare industry has pioneered some of the most game changing cosmetic products in recent years. Examples of these include BB cream, cushion foundations and snail mucin based products. 


So if you’re into makeup, here are some destinations to include in your South Korea tour.


1. Myeongdong District for Beauty Shops


Source: Cait Ellis@Unsplash


The Myeongdong area of Seoul is packed with boutiques, restaurants, cafes and so much more. It’s one of the trendiest places to shop and hang out in Seoul, and is highly popular with young people. 


Myeongdong is also home to some of South Korea’s leading cosmetic brands, which is why Korea Tourism often promotes it as such. 


Photo by the_redchicken from Instagram


The best time to visit Myeongdong is at night when the streets become lit up and lively. You’ll find brands like Innisfree here, which is a  botanical based brand, with natural ingredients from the island of Jeju. Other brands include Tony Moly, Holika Holika, Nature Republic, Klairs and so many more. 

2. Gangnam District for Makeovers


Jung Saem Mool Inspirations in Gangnam. Source: Visit Seoul


If you’re looking to have a makeover in the distinct Korean style, Gangnam-gu or the Gangnam district is where you should head to. 


Gangnam is known as a pretty upscale district famed for its luxury goods stores. You’ve probably heard it mentioned in that viral song ‘Gangnam Style’ by Psy too. 


Photo by aileen_012 from Instagram


There are several makeup studios in Gangnam where you can book a makeover session. These studios actually cater to some of Korea’s top stars when they need to look flawless on the runways and red carpets. 


One of these studios is Jenny House, which has catered to celebrities like Song Ji Hyo, Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. Other makeup studios you can consider include A. by Bom, Jung Saem Mool Inspiration, and Culture & Nature 


3. Yeo Yong Guk Spa

Source: Visit Korea 


Koreans know that in order to have flawless and dewy skin, overall health is important. One way to ensure your general physical health is to go to a spa. One spa you can head to in Seoul is Yeo Yong Guk, located in the Songpa district. 


Here, you will be able to enjoy a tailor made massage and other treatments that are infused with traditional Korean medicine. You’ll also receive personalized treatments based on your needs. These include treatments for aging skin, skin rejuvenation, chronic fatigue treatment, prenatal treatment and more. 


4. Supsok Hanbang Land Jimjilbang ( Bath House & Sauna)


Source: Wikimedia Commons


Another habit that Koreans have that they highly believe in is the Jimjilbang culture. These are bath houses and dry saunas where people come to relax, and enjoy sweating out any alcohol and toxins in their body. 


If you’re a fan of Korean dramas and variety shows, Jimjilbangs are nothing new. One of the nearest Jimjilbang in downtown Seoul is Supsok Hanbang Land, translated as Traditional Oriental Forest Land in the Sinchon district. 


Photo by jyr._.08 from Instagram


Apart from enjoying their selection of dry saunas, you’ll also be able to enjoy massages, and buy traditional drinks and snacks. Visitors often take naps here too, as well as enjoy other forms of entertainment like watching films and playing arcade games.  


Korea’s Beauty is For the World


If you’re planning a trip to South Korea anytime soon, there are many Korea tour package available, even for those who love its beauty and cosmetics culture. A Kore tour guide will be able to make your trip less stressful and more smooth, as well as ensure you optimize your trip to fit your needs.