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You Should Explore These Hidden Gems in Bali, Indonesia

13 Sep 2022

All travelers can agree on one thing—and that’s that eventually, wanderlust will lead you to the gorgeous lands of Bali. A South East Asian paradise known to attract visitors far and wide, there is a reason why Bali has remained on the top of every must-visit location across the globe. From honeymoon vacation to just a getaway with your besties, Bali does it all.


However, if you’re tired of the classics and are in the mood for something fresh and new—don’t be too quick to dismiss Bali. The bountiful beaches of Indonesia always hold surprises… read on to find out what the hidden gems of Bali are.


Discovering the Eco-Romantic Wonders of Bangli


Source: Authentic Indonesia


For those who are seeking a green getaway and reconnecting with nature, Bangli has a little surprise for you. Escape to the quaint Undisan Tourist Village, which is located in Tembuku District of Bangli. The lush and green atmosphere alone will have you wowed, but it’s the intricate Bali villas done in authentic Balinese architecture that really takes the ticket.


For newlyweds and couples looking for a Bali honeymoon, check out the wedding blessing ceremony to ensure that your relationship will thrive in harmony until the end of time.


Enjoy the Peace and Tranquillity of Sidemen



Source: The Honeycombers 

A trip to Bali is not complete without a visit to at least one of their many beautiful beaches, which is where Sidemen comes in. A quieter location that is less traveled on the east side of the island, Sidemen has some of the most breathtaking views that Bali has to offer. This Bali beach comes with none of the struggles that an overpopulated tourist spot has either!


So kick back, enjoy rafting, surfing when the tides are high, or even book a stay in the mountains to fully enjoy and immerse yourself into the peaceful escape that Sidemen offers.


Café-hopping in Canggu


Source: The Avocado Factory


If you thought Bali’s views were amazing, just wait until you sink your teeth into the food! Balinese and Indonesian cuisine is one of a kind, even recognised by the likes of Anthony Bourdain. Canggu is one place in particular that elevates the gastronomic experience.


Bali’s café scene has grown to cater to avocado-loving millennials as well, evident from the success of The Avocado Factory. The café does a number of dishes with the fruit; including tacos, toast, and even breadcrumb patties! Eating vegan and plant-based is also pretty easy in Bali with eateries such as Oma Jamu and Peleton Superstore available!


Taking in the Waterfalls of Banyu Wana Amertha


Source: Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfalls 



We saved the best for last, so prepare yourself for Bali’s true hidden gem. In the Northern region of Bali lies four fairytale-like waterfalls, each with its own charm to it. That being said, nothing quite compares to the dreamy Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfalls.


The best part about this location is that most tourists tend to overlook it, which means that you will be able to enjoy the peace of flora and the trilling of fauna all by yourself. You can even pack a picnic to enjoy in the sitting areas while you take in the crashing waterfalls.


With that, we hope that you will be rushing to the airport to book your trip to Bali now! Be it a romantic getaway for a honeymoon or a relaxing vacation with friends, Bali has all the attractions and more to make up for it. Check out Mayflower's tour packages for the best deals on your trip to Bali and Indonesia to get the most out of your stay.