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Travel Instagrammers Worth Following

28 Mar 2019

A travel blogger sounds like the perfect dream job - well, it kind of is! People across the world travel and spend their time exploring breathtaking sights in exotic places, capturing the brilliant views and writing them down. These entries are filled with memories and experiences to share. Not an easy job though, for most professional travellers make sacrifices to embark on these amazing journeys. They create the travel experiences that resonates with you and me - inspiring the traveller in us.


We’ve rounded up some of the most inspiring travel instagrammers across the globe here, and yes, be prepared to gasp in awe with their experiences and dreamlike photos.


1. Brad Flowerdew

Photo by bradflowerss from Instagram 

A Canadian photographer, Brad goes all around the world to create impressive photographs of beaches, cliffs and waterfalls. The dreamy beaches that he snapped are so surreal, transporting you to the place at once. He never fails to attract me with his awesome photos of the sparkling sea. Beach bummers, check out his posts for the ideal beach vacation and you will be spoiled for choices.


2. Ashrajavisuals


Photo by smalltownsmy from Instagram 

From coveted skylines to luscious greenery, Ash brings out the beauty of every place he snaps from a bird’s eye view. An adept videographer and venturing into drone photography, he captures the brilliant images of places skilfully, allowing us a peek into views never seen before. Calling all drone-photography lovers, check him out and you won’t be disappointed.


3. Traveler.marian


Photo by traveler.marian from Instagram 



A skilful divemaster hailing from Germany, Marian captures in his pictures, the soul of his focus, be it cultural places of interest or landscapes. His array of photos is what that is captivating, giving his followers a variety. Variety is what makes the world interesting and intriguing. Choice lovers, check him out for sure.


4. _kopites_man


Photo by_kopites_man from Instagram 



A nature and waterfall lover, Iman’s photos are filled with the foamy images of spectacular waterfalls all around the world. Immerse in the tranquility of the photos of nature by him and be inspired. Calling out to nature lovers, he’s definitely the one to follow for ideas on your next green trip. The use of inspiring quotes by him sure sparks the desire to travel in many.


5. Perry871


Photo by perry871 from Instagram 



As we hustle through our lives daily, we miss out on the beauty of the very own place we live in. Perry gives a different light to the cities he snaps, bringing out a different facade. I didn’t know they could be this beautiful. Follow and be inspired.


6. Zehravictoria


Photo by zehravictoria from Instagram 



An avid traveller and model, Victoria travels the world and amazes us with her skills for taking portraits. With many instagrammers featuring the most exotic of places, Victoria adds to that a perfect instagram-worthy pose for the day. She skilfully combines the stunning landscapes she visits with her poses. Having destinations which provides the perfect backdrop, be inspired by Victoria with her adept skills to bring your prized picture up another level.


7. Wowc0w

Wowc0w’s travel photos is as vivid as you can imagine. Using vibrant colours, he captures some of the most intriguing shots on his travels. From buildings to landscapes, he gives the extra touch to these places. It is amazing how he captures these familiar places with an angle that brings out the different side in them. The colour-filled photos will definitely entice you to travel to the places he went. Explore it for yourself. Follow him and be mesmerised by the destinations he featured.


8. Misscrystalli


Photo by misscrystalli from Instagram 



A digital influencer, Crystal travels with her husband and shares her lovely trips on instagram with brilliant photographs that touches the heart in many. From airplane rides to hotels and food, she gives a very detailed coverage and offers recommendations. Also a beach lover, the stunning photos taken by her at beaches and resorts will surely get you mesmerised. Crystal goes to child-friendly destinations with her new baby girl, some ideas for all the fellow mamas out there. Follow her on instagram and stay tuned for her tips wherever she goes.


9. Gonetogallivant


Photo by tim.lawn.travels from Instagram 



Coming from vastly different backgrounds, Lydia and Tim met in the university. Travelling was their dream and an integral part of their lives. They spend weeks in a single country, exploring every spot they could. Together, they captured some of the best moments in life in the places that they have been. Beaches, places of interests, food, people and marine life - these have been beautifully captured by them in their photos. Engaging and colourful photos coupled with tips and explanations, follow them and see the places they’ve went for yourself, absolutely amazing.


10. femmiefe


An island kid, femmie’s photos captures the islands and beaches she visited elaborately, showing the stunning colours of the turquoise sea and pristine beaches. The baby blue sky and glistening seawater makes the perfect match for her defining photos. She absolutely loves beaches! Follow her instagram and along with her, explore beaches less-treaded upon and find your own paradise.

11. Janalalexploratrice


Photo by janalalexploratrice from Instagram 

An avid Asia lover, Janala spent a notable amount of time exploring the beautiful lands of Asia. She captures the scenery in perfection, bringing you into the dreamy wonders of these striking places. Her photos bring the places that she captured, to life. Follow her and be amazed, at the places she went and also her photography skills.

Don’t looking at these brilliant pictures just makes you want to go on a holiday soon? Follow these amazing travellers, each with a unique story to tell. Get inspired by the places they visit and make it your next holiday. Decided on your next destination? Follow Mayflower Holidays on Instagram for the latest promotions in town! Use hashtag #MayflowerMemories when posting your travel photos and be featured on their instagram. Who knows, you might be the next travel instagrammer that others follow for inspiration on their future travels.

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