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The Majestic Nature Of Sabah

14 Feb 2019

Sabah, the land below the wind


Sabah is one of 13 member states of Malaysia. It is located on the northern portion of the island of Borneo, hence the previous moniker of “North Borneo”. It is the second largest state in the country after Sarawak, which it borders on its southwest. It also shares a border with the province of East Kalimantan of Indonesia in the south.

The origin of the name Sabah is uncertain, and there are many theories have arisen. One theory is that during the time it was part of the Bruneian Sultanate, it was referred to as Saba' because of the presence of pisang saba, a type of banana, found on the coasts of the region. Due to the location of Sabah in relation to Brunei, it has been suggested that Sabah was a Bruneian Malay word meaning upstream or the northern side of the river.


Proboscis Monkey (long-nosed monkey), one of the largest monkey species native to Asia.

The jungles in Sabah are classified as tropical rainforests and it hosts a diverse array of plantations and wildlife species. The jungles there are persevered by the government as Sabah’s most prized possession and no illegal activities that included cutting off the trees are allowed in the place. Hundreds of different rare floral species can be seen all over the place and never before seen wildlife species can be found throughout the trails along the jungle walk. Be amazed as you come across the big nose monkeys, these type of monkeys are friendly and easy to approach but beware of their unexpected behavior. You might end up getting scratched or bitten by them if you approach them the wrong way. Despite the fact that Sabah is known for its tropical weather, you must always be prepared for a slippery trail when it’s raining as in here; we rain a lot more than other countries.