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Say Hallyu To Your Fave K-Stars When In Seoul

13 Sep 2022


The stardom of Korean culture has only been propelled even further in the past decade. If your Hallyu obsession has reached its peak, it’s time to get your passports out and come see the real thing for yourself! Outside of a screen, the streets of South Korea are every bit gorgeous with the wonderful added possibility of running into a celebrity yourself ;) 

If you’re looking for where to go in South Korea, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the best celebrity owned restaurants and cafes for you to enjoy a taste of South Korea yourself—and who knows, your beloved oppa or unnie might just be there too!


Park Shin Hye’s Little Tin Drums Restaurant 


Image from VisitSeoul.net 


K-Drama lovers would recognise this South Korean beauty from miles away, which is why you should visit Park Shin Hye’s mother’s restaurant. Little Tin Drums is a gorgeous little den with memorabilia of the actress plastered everywhere, much to the delight of die-hard fans! The restaurant’s speciality is lamb tripe and barbeque intestines, a signature in Korean cuisine. The South Korean actress frequently is seen dining there as well, so make sure to keep an eye out while you’re there…


BTS Jin’s Otsu Seiromushi Restaurant


Image by @luveforseven7 from Twitter


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s impossible to have not heard of BTS. The South Korean phenomenon needs no introduction considering the world dominating power they’ve exerted in the past few years! 


Whether you’re an ARMY with purple blood flowing through your veins or just a casual fan, Otsu Seiromushi is a must visit for quality Japanese cuisine. Owned by Mr Worldwide Handsome himself, BTS member Jin runs the restaurant with his brother. Although the chances of catching a mega celebrity like Jin in person might be unlikely, at least you’ll be able to taste the dishes that he approved himself. After all, he’s not known as “Eat Jin” for nothing; the man takes food very seriously! 


EXO’s Kai’s KAMONG Cafe

Image by Kamong Cafe 카몽 from Facebook


Being the sexy South Korean heartthrob of EXO with a sensitive side, it’s no surprise that Kai owns a cafe. Run by his family members, KAMONG is a trendy cafe that’s nestled in the smack dab center of busy train stations—making it a lovely stop after a busy commute.


What’s amazing is that despite being active in EXO, SuperM, and the face of Gucci, Kai was spotted plenty of times at KAMONG visiting his elder sister who runs the cafe. He’s even joked with EXO-Ls about them having “heavy trays” with two fans coming up the counter he was at to carry their drinks! Talk about a once in a lifetime experience, huh? 


Super Junior Yesung’s Mouse Rabbit Cafe


Image by mysugarcoffee from Blogspot 

If you’re feeling snacky instead, why not pop by for a cup of coffee and a pastry? With any luck, you might just spot a Super Junior member in line! The iconic boy group that dominated the late 2000s, Super Junior’s Yesung owns Mouse Rabbit, a quaint cafe for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of Seoul. 


The best part of this cafe is that the prices are fairly cheaper compared to others in the city. Why not get your ELF heart filled and your coffee cup too over here? With cafe culture being such a prominent part of the city, we’d highly recommend you to include it in your South Korea tour itinerary! 


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