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Mayflower’s Ultimate Guide for Air Travel (2021/2022)

15 Oct 2021

Travellers rejoice! The interstate and international travel bans are finally lifted. It is announced that interstate and international travel will be allowed for those who have been fully vaccinated starting from 11 October 2021. 

Here’s our ultimate guide for those that are preparing to fly domestically or internationally. Fasten your seatbelts and read on! 

Before Departure: 



  1. Make sure your Mysejahtera app is up to date and the risk status is a Blue coloured 'Low Risk No Symptom' status. 
  2. Vaccination status has to be “Fully Vaccinated” and at least 14 days after 2 doses of Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Sinovac vaccines, 28 days for Johnson & Johnson or CanSino vaccines. 
  3. Prepare a RTK Self-Test Kit or conduct the PCR or RTK test at any health facilities within 48 hours prior to the trip. Bring the report with you to present it at the screening site terminal. 
  4. Flights are self-serviced or use online check-ins for contactless boarding. 
  5. Double-check your passport’s validity (it has to be at least 6 months before the expiration date) if you are travelling abroad!  


At The Airport: 



  1. Recommend wearing a double face mask and face shield. 
  2. Arrive at airport at least 4 hours before the boarding time to avoid last-minute hiccups. 
  3. Minimize interactions in the airport terminal, use hand sanitizer or wash hands frequently. 
  4. You are required to present the swab test result at the airport terminal. The test can be conducted on the spot with your own self-test kit or by the report from health facilities. 
  5. Facilitate contactless boarding by using your mobile device and make sure you follow the instructions when boarding. 
  6. Keep carry-on bags to a minimum. 


On Board:



  1. It is recommended to change a new face mask before boarding. 
  2. Avoid any interactions with other passengers. 
  3. You should only move around the cabin if necessary. 
  4. Don't forget to pack extra hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes to sanitise your seat before sitting! 


Although the government had lifted the travel bans, we should always be reminded that the pandemic is not over and it will become an endemic where it will be with us for quite some time from now 

Keep yourself safe and hygienic at the time, be alert to government announcements on the latest COVID-19 related news. Don't forget to also check for COVID-19 hotspot locations before travelling.  

Stay safe and “Lindung diri, lindung semua” Protect yourself, protect everyone! Safe travels, from Mayflower team to you. 

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