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Makassar, Indonesia

10 Jan 2019

Makassar, Indonesia



Makassar is the port city capital of South Sulawesi province. Here, they would visit the historical relics and monuments from the Dutch colonial era and also to enjoy the seafood.



How To Get There


As the biggest city in east Indonesia, Makassar has one of Indonesia’s busiest air hub within the country with connecting flights from Sumatra, Bali, Java and Maluku island. International travellers can access the province easily as AirAsia flies directly to Makassar from other major cities.


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What To Do


Makassar is almost like the gateway to the eastern part of Indonesia. It is very developed, with modern facilities like big shopping malls and an interesting long stretch of waterfront Losari Beach esplanade usually lined with stalls in the evening until late night offering coffee, grilled corn, sate, mee goreng and other local street foods. There are also several interesting museums such as Fort Rotterdam, a remnant of the past Dutch colonial days.



The Paotere Harbour in Makassar is an interesting place to visit especially to catch a glimpse of the famous local traditional Bugis Pinisi schooners, mainly made of wood. The South Sulawesi Bugis are known to be master shipbuilders, skilled sailors, and according to legend, fearsome sea pirates too. The 100 tons to 200 tons Bugis Pinisi schooners is still used today for inter-island transport and trade.



Where To Stay


There are many small, medium and big hotels in Makassar. It is good to stay in the city center for convenience of transportation, food, and visiting popular spots. Aston Makassar Hotel & Convention Center is a 4-star accommodation with sauna and spa facilities besides having a pool overlooking the city. Look out for traditional snacks that they serve during coffee breaks.


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Where To Eat


There are several popular local seafood restaurants in the city known to offer local Sulawesi specialties like the grilled fish and local sambal, coto makassar (beef soup), original nasi kuning (yellow rice served with pieces of smoke tuna and other condiments), and the Palumara (spicy red snapper fish soup). A unique local specialty is the steamed fish roe of flying fish (Lae Lae) eaten with pickles and sambal. Makassar culinary tradition mainly revolves around ingredients such as coconut (grated flesh or roasted, santan cream) and chili in all forms. Most dishes tend to be heavy and also spicy but very tasty and flavorful.


Check out:
● Rumah Makan Nelayan
No 25. Jalan Ali Malaka, Makassar, Indonesia.
● Losari Seafood Restaurant
No 29. Jalan Lamadukelleng, Makassar, Indonesia.
● Lae Lae Seafood Restaurant
No 8. Jalan Datu Museng, Makassar, Indonesia.
Tel: +62 411 334326


Good To Know


1. Traffic is quite bad in the city during the day time. Be ready to walk within the city but grab taxis are popular and easy to order online.

2. Beware of pick pockets especially in crowded areas like the popular Losari waterfront beach.



Source from GoAsiaPlus