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Ecotourism Experiences in Vietnam

14 Dec 2022

Credit: Pexels


Ecotourism is a type of travelling experience that contributes significantly to reducing carbon footprints that is growing in popularity.

As such, tourists are getting more self-aware of the places they travel and be more mindful of minimising their impact on the lands they travel to. 

Are you searching for good-to-the-planet attractions? Here are some recommendations for you to do in Vietnam. Let’s find out!


Trang An Landscape (Ninh Binh)


Be ready to be mesmerised by mountains, caves, limestones and ancient pagodas. Get yourself a rowing cruise through the beautiful nature. 

If you fancy some activities, you can trek or bike through the paddy fields in the peaceful countryside. 


Mai Chau Town


This is a rural village with cliffs and mountains backdrop -  a true representation of ecotourism in Vietnam.

You can experience the culture and traditions of the locals while staying at the Vietnam ethic minority local homestays.

Enjoy the local markets, unique culinary cuisines and immerse yourself in multiple ethic minority communities. Find out more about our Vietnam package tour here.


Binh Chau (Ba Ria - Vung Tau)

Source: Fulmoon Village  


The main attraction of this place is because of its hot mineral water, which is used for foot baths and massage. 

Tourists come by for relaxation or physical therapy. You can visit boil eggs in the sky wells or mineral mud bath! 


Ba Na - Suoi Mo (Da Nang)


This place has been recognised by the government as a natural reserve. 

From the top of Ba Na, you will find two pathways, where you may either take the cable car to the centre or to the walk.


Ba Be Lake


Did you know? Ba Be Lake is the largest lake in Vietnam! 

Nestled in the northeast of Hanoi, this place looks dreamy because of the rising mist in the early mornings. You can even take a boat cruise or tour through as well. 

If you are an evening person, this is a great spot for a sunset view too! 


Ha Giang

Looking for a multi-day trekking experience? Then, Ha Giang is a good place to begin. 

Located in the province borders of China in northern Vietnam, you can do a trekking tour through Ha Giang for 5-13 days with suggested activities such as touring through rice terraces, visiting minority villages and limestone karsts! 

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Halong Bay

Credit: Pexels

Halong Bay Vietnam is one of Vietnam’s most famous tourist spots.

It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site to conserve its natural wonders, so if you are a nature person, this is a must-go spot!

You can even take a Halong Bay cruise through the serene environment whilst enjoying the beautiful greenery mountains. 

If you are the type of tourist who is aware of their carbon footprint, or you are looking for a different type of travelling experience, then ecotourism may be the best option for you! 


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