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Best Deals for Solo and Couple Traveller on Online Travel Fair

15 Mar 2019


If you are looking for a place for some quality me-time or a destination to snuggle up to your sweetheart, you’re in luck. While many people opt to spend the holidays with family, lots of people choose to use their hard-earned vacation time to step out into the world and go on a trendy solo trip or a couple adventure for two. And, either way, doing what you love in exciting destinations is enriching and it brings out the best in you. Whatever sparks your travelling joy in life, we have scouted the best deals of ultimate destinations for solo and couple travellers in our Online Travel Fair.


Take a look at the first list of destinations that will make your couple holidays all the merrier:



Paris, France


Romance and Paris are the best partners ever. Whenever someone thinks of a romantic city, Paris strikes to the mind at first.  The City of Love has turned out as one of the most preferred couple destinations globally. Famous for its old romantic charm, Paris has plenty to do and see anytime of the year. Explore this glorious city on a cruise by the alluring River Seine, stroll through the city and gaze at trees dripping with lights along Champs-Élysées, stare at the renowned Eiffel Tower from a distance, marvel at the splendid Louvre Museum or enjoy a ride on the Roue de Paris, the city’s giant Ferris Wheel.



Rome, Italy 


Paris and Rome are always top contenders for romantic destinations, what would a list of top couple destinations be without including Rome? Italy is synonymous with romance and Rome is the heartbeat of Italy. As the home to the Pantheon, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, St Peter’s Basilica, Borghese Gallery, Palatine Hill and countless other ancient ruins and architectural masterpieces, it is hard not to feel love in the air as you walk around the city. Thousands of years of art and architecture, Roman history, food, wine, and people, all make for a wonderfully romantic trip for couples.



London, England


Bursting with culture, elegance and that sophisticated British charm, it's no surprise that London is one of the top destinations for any couple. With the Royal Family living here and each and every wedding being a worldwide spectacle, it is not difficult to see why! London has everything and has a diverse choice of activities for you and your partner to enjoy. For instance, visit the Kensington Palace, stroll through the Royal Parks, shop in Oxford Street, watch a show in the West End, visit the Big Ben and take a trip on the London Eye.



Barcelona, Spain


No shortlist of the best destination for couples would surely be complete without the inclusion of Spain. Whether hitting the beach or following in the genius architect Antoni Gaudí’s footsteps, Barcelona is the most effective couple destination. With so many options, even the pickiest of partners are sure to be satiated by the mere choice in this city. An urban beach town, art haven and a food mecca, where else can you surf in the morning, take in Sagrada Familia and Casa Milà in the afternoon and eat the best tapas of your life in the evening?




Bali, Indonesia


Bali epitomises the phrase big things come in small packages. The picturesque island is Asia’s leading tourist destination and with good reason too. Postcard-perfect beaches, a lively lineup of restaurants and a host of water sports to choose from making this perfect island ideal for couples looking for a romantic excursion. The natural beauty and the traditional and simple way of the locals of Bali make this one of our favourite couple destinations in Asia.




While travelling together as a couple strengthens the bond of love, travelling alone can be fulfilling and life-changing, and if the opportunity presents itself, it is an experience not to be missed. Solo travel is quickly becoming a popular travel trend. Here are the best solo travel destinations out there:



Bangkok, Thailand


It should not come as a surprise that Thailand is first on the list – from the serenity of its royal temples to the opulence of its hotels and the bustle of its floating markets, Bangkok is the perfect solo travel destination. When travelling solo in Bangkok, you will never feel alone. There’s plenty of digital nomads, solo travellers, and general vacationers enjoying this Thai city. Safe, inexpensive and with well-trodden routes, Bangkok is definitely one of the best solo travel destinations.




Hong Kong


A bustling metropolitan area filled with some 7 million residents from all over the world, Hong Kong may seem like an overwhelming city for solo traveller at first. However, with so much hustle and bustle on the streets at any time of the day or night, it will be difficult for any solo traveller to feel lonesome in this city. Travelling solo to Hong Kong is easy, especially when you know your destination is safe, easy to get around and you won't be totally lost in translation. From exploring this oriental foodie heaven to visiting heritage with a hybrid of Eastern culture set against Western influences, you are bound to run into fellow solo travellers here in this Pearl of the Orient.



Taipei City, Taiwan


Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan, has a uniquely vibrant culture that takes influences from Chinese, Japanese, and American traditions, but with its own twist. It is a delicious mix of culture, nature, and contemporary living—a unique experience like no other country has to offer. So, solo travelling to Taipei allows you to fully immerse yourself in its unique culture. Also, Taipei prides itself on an extremely convenient and well-managed public transport network, it is extremely easy to travel around Taipei as a solo traveller.



Langkawi, Malaysia


Pack your swimwear, grab your favourite book and head to Langkawi, Malaysia. Dubbed as the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi is renowned for its sandy beaches, mountainous rainforests and luxury resorts and spas. Some vacations are meant to be taken easy, and Langkawi is the destination to do just that. From sunbathing on Chenang Beach to getting up to the Langkawi Sky Bridge or visiting the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, Langkawi is an ideal choice for solo travellers wanting to get some alone time. So if you are hoping for a relaxing trip minus the language barrier, Langkawi could be the perfect choice.




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