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6 Things To Explore When Visiting Ho Chi Minh

14 Dec 2022

Vietnam’s most famous city, Ho Chi Minh, holds the key to some of the best exploration one can do in this fantastic country. For those with a taste for adventure, those who are keen on understanding a complicated history, or those who just want to do some sightseeing; Vietnam has got you covered! 

Without further ado, let’s check out 6 places to explore when visiting Ho Chi Minh! 


Enter The Cu Chi Tunnels

Source: Back of Bikes 


For history buffs, the Cu Chi Tunnels give tourists a first-hand experience of the lived reality of Vietnamese soldiers during the wars. The tunnels have turned into a must-visit for those who are of adventurous hearts. They actually stretch for 250km— all the way up to the Cambodian borders!


Visit The War Remnants Museum

Source: Vietnam Trips


Keeping within the historical theme, a sobering visit to the War Remnants Museum will give you a glimpse of what it was like to be at war with America. From photographs to weapons, the museum does not hold back with its details about the encounter. Prepare yourself, as this visit is not for the faint of heart…


Check Out The Independence Palace 

Source: Vinpearl


Vietnam is a country that has fought and survived many wars, which is why the Independence Palace holds so much meaning. Symbolising peace and victory, the historical monument was exactly where the Fall of Saigon took place, which ultimately ended the Vietnam war. 


Take A Stroll Down Nguyen Hue Street 


It’s time to clear your mind! Enjoy a light breeze as you take a walk down Nguyen Hue Street, where lovely views of the Saigon river, statues, and even shops and restaurants will greet you. If you happen to go after the sun is down, watch as the streets come to life with colourful lights!

Pick your adventure and let’s go. 


Shop at Saigon Square Market

Source: Vietnam Online


Make your friends and family at home happy by coming back home with a huge bag of goodies from your Vietnam trip— specifically from the Saigon Square Market! Packed with souvenirs that represent the country, the market sells everything and almost anything. 


Get Coffee at Cafe Apartment Block 

Source: Living Asean


Craving a caffeine hit? Make sure to pop by Cafe Apartment Block, where the residents turned a block into independent businesses. This hip apartment block holds all sorts of cafes, each with its own charm and catered menu. Grab yourself a cup of fair trade, and authentic coffee— support small local cafes while you’re at it too! 


With that, we have rounded up our 6 places to explore while visiting Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam! A city bursting with culture, history, and delicious food cannot possibly be condensed into a short write up— so why not check out a holiday package for your next trip? 


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