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4 Natural Geothermal Sites Around Asia

13 Sep 2018

Hot springs are the next hottest destination to go to in travelling (no pun intended) as many travellers seek for a refuge of relaxation in the heart of Asia, scenic views and tranquillity come into mind. So, what if you can get the best of both worlds while at the same time boost your health and fix your ailments?

We tracked down four natural geothermal sites that are untouched and authentic in nature which might require a bit of a walk into paradise so get ready and put your hiking shoes on.

Krabi Hot Spring – Thailand

Unknown to many, Krabi is more than just their Phi Phi beach and clear blue sea. Close to Khaopra-Bangkhram Wildlife Sanctuary is the entire natural waterfall hot spring enclosed in the jungle streams. The warm mineral saltwater is a product of the volcanic thermal below ground while nearby is a breathtakingly beautiful emerald pool of spring water for you to cool off after a warm dip.


Malanage Hot Spring – Indonesia

A road less taken in Bajawa, Ngada district have an untouched hot spring stream in their mountains. Malanage hot spring is a mix of flowing hot volcanic water from Mount Inerie and cool river stream that produces just the right temperature for our bodies to adjust to. Plus, you can bask in the healing water and natural surroundings without interruption as it is a hidden attraction.

Beitou Hot Spring – Taiwan

On the north of main city Taipei, the green Beitou district is the land of hot spring. The famous Thermal Valley is the hot spring source for all adjacent developments like the Millennium Hot Spring public bath house. The boiling natural pool will be steaming all day so you can take a dip at the bath house where they channel the water over and cool it down for a relaxing medicinal soak.


Yumthang Hot Spring – India

Sikkim’s valley of flowers in Northeast India is 3500m above sea level and home to many hot springs in its region. Across River Lachung at Yumthang is a cottage house that collects the healing water in a geothermal pool. It can be a joy to sit in it as the surrounding air is cool at the high valley and if interested, you can take a long hike up the hill to see the direct source of hot spring.


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Source from GoAsiaPlus