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10 Exotic Foods To Try In Vietnam

15 Dec 2022

Pho (the beef noodle soup), spring rolls, Vietnamese pancake and etc. are some common Vietnamese cuisines that foreign travellers know. 

However, there are also other special exotic foods that you can find in this beautiful Southeast Asia country. If you join some of the best Vietnam tours, you can easily find these dishes included in your travel itinerary.

You may want to do some research before booking your tour package to Vietnam.





A fertilised duck egg with a gestation period of 18-21 days in age, that is highly nutritious and a common street food.

The way of enjoying these delicacies is to boil the egg for 5 minutes and serve with Vietnamese herbs such as laksa leaves, or simply sprinkle some salt and black pepper with a squeeze of lime juice. 


Where to find: 

Kim Thao 

104 Xuan Thuy Street, District 2


Ech Nuong (Frog)



If you are wondering, the tender meat of frogs tastes just like chicken. 

There are a variety of cooking styles - frying, steaming or even grilling, commonly paired with lemongrass, chili or ginger to further enhance the taste of it. 


Where to find: 

Ech Xanh Restaurant 

371D Nguyen Canh Street, District 1


Fermented Bean Curd (Chao)



If you have tried soft bleu cheese before, you will not find the taste of this food strange.

For local vegetarians, they will simply enjoy adding these fermented bean curds in a bowl of hot steaming rice for their meal. 

You can also enjoy chao as a dipping sauce for boiled vegetables to give an extra kick of flavours in your mouth.


Where to find: 

Hum Vegetarian

2 Thi Sach Street, District 1


Coconut Worm



Worm? It sure did give you goosebumps. 

But this exotic food can be turned into a good snacks after deep frying in butter or flour. 

If you are adventurous enough, you can try to eat it alive with a dip in chili fish sauce.


Where to find:

De Sua Rec Rec

47., Duong so 7 (street no.7), Binh An, District 2


Mouse Meat 



This exotic food came about when farmers used to trap mices after they are seen eating the rice from the paddy fields.

The meat is prepared in a few different ways - marinated, fried or barbecued. 

Presently, the locals enjoy this dish with strong liquor or beers. 

Blood Soup (Tibet Canh)


Photo By Sieu Ngon

A traditional dish in Northern Vietnam. The blood soup is duck or pig blood - fresh blood paired with condiments such as peanuts and herbs. 

The dish's sweet texture reminds you of jelly but with extra stuffings. 

Do you want advices on how to enjoy this dish? Just swallow and avoid chewing.


Where to find:

Huyen Vit Restaurant

12C-12G Bach Dang Street, Tan Binh District 


Kopi Luwak (Ca Phe Chon)



Also known as weasel or civet coffee. 

As odd as it sounds,  this coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

A little story on this coffee: 

Farmers feed civets with coffee cherries and the civets would poop them out. Once the farmers collect the residuals, they will clean and roast the “processed beans” into coffee beans to be enjoyed. 


Where to find:

Trung Nguyen Coffee Chains

219 Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1


Fermented Shrimp Paste Noodles


Photo by Hanoi House from Facebook


This is a simple dish, consisting of rice vermicelli, fried tofu and of course, shrimp paste -  a loved dish among the locals because of its simplicity. 

If you fancy extra toppings, you can add on steamed pork belly or grilled fish!


Where to find:

Bun Dau Co Khan

102/26 Cong Quynh Street, District 1


Pha Lau (Offal Stew)

Photo from Pinterest

Be prepared for this dish…. Because it is a bowl of dish consisting of internal organs! 

You can find the heart, stomach, lungs, intestines or even the kidneys of pigs and cows. 

If you are wondering about the safeness of this dish, fret not. Vendors will clean all parts with salt and hot water, boiled and well-seasoned with five spiced powder, sugar, salt, black pepper and soy sauce. 


Where to find:

Pha Lau Co Thao

243/29G Ton Dan Street, District 4


Sandworm Pancake


Photo by iNews

Sandworms can be found in ponds near agricultural areas - that is highly rich in protein. 

Most of the time, vendors will use frozen sandworms. If you want to experience the best sandworm pancakes, you may want to get them at eateries cooking with fresh raw worms. 


Where to find: 

Cha Ruoi Hang Beo - 244 Lo Duc Street, Hai Ba Trung District


Well, now you have discovered some interesting exotic foods to try in Vietnam. All you need is to book a flight ticket… find out our Vietnam tour package Malaysia now!