Make Booking Online

Use Travel Wallet


Travel Wallet functions as a 'virtual-wallet' to provide all smart travellers an easy booking on their holiday destination. With Travel Wallet, you don't even need to dig for your credit cards numbers to make online booking, easy!

So, why is it good to use travel wallet?

Here's why:
Have you ever encounter credit card or banking issue while booking for your last minutes online holidays deal ? Travel Wallet could save your time by ensuing you with a quick and smooth booking experience! Quit all troublesome and missed none of your last minutes deals with your Travel Wallet always standby in your Mayflower account!

For instant:
You have RM 10,000 in your travel wallet. You are going to a holiday in Maldives and have selected flight + hotel and added on travel insurance or any other product available from the website, which cost you a total  of RM 4,000. Now you have reach the payment page and you may click on the travel wallet button to pay with your available funds in that account! Skipped the hassle part, isn't it?

Think further, you can save credit card processing fee if you go for travel wallet! Look back the previous scenario, you don’t need to pay for extra RM60 just for your Maldives flight ticket! Unbelievable right?

Easy peasy! Here's How You Can Have It!

Step 1: Register and create yourself a Mayflower online account here.

Step 2: Verify and activate your account via email Mayflower sent over.

Step 3: Next, online transfer / bank in amount that you would like to be in your travel wallet

Step 4: Email us with the following details :

a) Registered Email Address 
b) Registered First Name And Family Name
c) Online Transfer Receipt (attached your bank-in receipt if you are doing it offline)



Keep your travel wallet loaded and you can grab the hottest deal in a sec!  


Please contact us for banking account. Click for more FAQ.



*Mon-Fri, 9am - 5pm only



Travel With Your Maybank Treatspoints


Now you have learned about travel wallet, and you have tons of Maybank treatspoints that is going to expire soon. So what can you do with your Maybank treatspoints with our travel wallet?

Turn your Maybank treatspoints into travel wallet and redeem a holiday with that of course!


Few ways to redeem your Maybank treatspoints for Travel Wallet as per below:

i) Pay a visit to Mayflower HQ with your Maybank Cards for instant redemption.

ii) Email us with the form filled. Please leave Product, Treatspoints Required blank. 
    Download form here.

iii)  Call us with your Maybank card on hands, we will collect all information and you will received a call from Maybank for verification purpose before we can proceed (Only available from Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm only, except public holidays).

Redeem now and you may enjoy a free holiday!


Important Notice

Effective 1 July 2018, the points redemption rate* shall be revised as follows:

  • 500 TreatsPoints = RM1
  • 500 Membership Rewards Points = RM1

*The conversion rate may differ from standard conversion rate for selected On-The-Spot redemption partners.

 For more information, please visit


Editing Your AirAsia Booking

Here's something useful for all travellers using AirAsia flight. You can add on luggage and do web check in by your own just by linking your AirAsia member into your Mayflower member account.

Follow the steps carefully.


Step 1: Login to AirAsia member page

Step 2: Click on 'Search other bookings, under manage my booking page

Step 3: Key in your AirAsia booking  number or other details to search the booking

Step 4: Once the booking found, just click on the 'Link' button.

Step 5: Once linked, you may purchase add-on and do web check-in directly from AirAsia website.