Penang Nutmeg oil


槟城豆蔻油60ml. (红药性较强/白药性较温和) 传统药油,仅供外敷。采用马来西亚特产豆蔻制作,天然豆蔻香气。普遍使用于推拿按摩、祛瘀止痛、痛风、风湿、肌肉或经络损伤、轻微烫伤及割伤、蚊虫叮咬、舒缓头晕头疼、缓解伤风感冒咳嗽症状等。成人小孩皆适合使用。若不适症状持续请马上咨询专业医生。
Penang Nutmeg oil 60ml. (Red stronger essesnce, white mild essesnce) Traditional medicine for external use only. Made by natural nutmeg, natural nutmeg aroma. Traditionally use for external massage, any minor muscle or joint paint, skin burn, cut, insects bites, relief headache, flu, cough, running nose, and more. Suitable for adult and child. Please do consult doctor immidiately any adverse reaction presist.

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