Valentine's is here! Here are 5 Last Minute Date Ideas To Surprise Her

Missed the deadline for Valentine’s Day? Sometimes life puts the things you value the most on a back-burner, and you have no choice but to sort out your priorities before being able to carry out what you want to do - such as spending time with the people you love! 


If you’ve missed out on planning the perfect Valentine’s Day for your partner, don’t panic just yet. When it comes to romance, it takes thought, effort, and ingenuity that will bring back a smile to your favorite person’s face! Instead of getting into an heated war with your better half, take a look at these last minute surprise date ideas to make it up to her: 


1. Enjoy an intimate picnic at a public park 



Take her out for an evening picnic at a public park! A simple picnic date need not be an expensive affair - a walk down to your neighborhood park, combined with food, drinks, and a pack of cards or a board game will be all you need for an affordable yet fun way to spend your date in the great outdoors! 


However, if you want to amp up the romantic atmosphere for your last minute date, here’s where you should go: 


KLCC Park 

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, KLCC Park is a famous tourist hotspot with ample trees, which provide visitors with some shade from the sun in the day. In the evening, the Petronas Twin Towers are lit with the sunset glow in the background and at night, the park is transformed into a wonderland with swirling lights thanks to its musical fountain. So take her to the park at sunset, enjoy a meal together and then stay for the musical fountain show! 


2. Go on an ‘un-fur-gettable’ play-date with pets at a pet cafe! 



Photo by Santiago Alfonso Fotografia via Facebook

Delight her with a trip to a pet’s cafe! Research has shown that a cuddle with a fluffy dog or cat triggers the release of dopamine, also known as the happiness hormone. If you want a truly bonding experience that would put a smile to her face, you should definitely try out these two cafes, perfect for the cat or dog lover: 


Purradise Cat Cafe, TTDI 


A purr-fect destination for cat-lovers! You'll have around 25 cats to accompany you and your partner - and a variety of drinks to choose from to sip and relax with the entire time you’re there. The best part is that all the cats are rescues! The cats come from the streets, fosterers, and shelters. So if both of you enjoy their company and are more than able to care for a furry companion on a long-term basis, you could opt to take one home! 


Igo Pet Cafe, Seapark 


It’ll be ‘im-paw-ssible’ not to smile when you’re around with these doggos! Let these cute floofy friends overwhelm the two of you with happiness, love, and saliva. You'll meet furry friends from several different breeds including Pomeranians, Samoyed, Golden Retriever, Shiba Inu, Corgi, Beagle, Poodle, Border Collie, and Chow Chow. You’ll also be able to treat yourselves with light snacks and beverages too. Snacks and doggos - what a treat! 


3. Hold her close as you two go Ice-Skating 



Photo by Sunway Ice Via Facebook 


This is an idea that’s not for the faint-hearted! Take your girl out for an ice-Skating date even if you’re not an expert at ice-skating…. This way, you’ll get the excuse of trying to hold her hand - for balance. *winks 


Here are a few places in the Klang Valley where you can take her Ice-Skating and subsequently, break the ice: 


Icescape Ice Skating Rink, IOI Mall 

Icescape Skating Rink is one of the newest ice-skating rinks located in the Klang Valley, situated in the massive IOI City Mall in Putrajaya. It is also the first Olympic-sized Ice Skating Rink in Malaysia! 


Sunway Ice, Sunway Pyramid 

In true Sunway style, this ice-skating rink is located in the middle of a busy mall! If you have energy leftover after your skating session, you can consider taking your date on a shopping spree afterwards! 


4. Escape into the wild with nature 




The wonderful thing about living in Malaysia is the pockets of tropical rainforest that exist in every state. Drive around 20 minutes to reach the nearest forest reserve, and take her on a romantic hike! Go hand in hand as you walk through the green foliage and enjoy the peaceful rainforest breeze, or maybe even have a heart-to-heart conversation along the way. 


If nature vibes are your thing as a couple, then here’s two places you can go to: 


Taman Eko Rimba Kuala Lumpur


Take a train ride to Bukit Nanas Monorail Station or Dang Wangi LRT Station to reach this Instagram-worthy nature wonder! The best part? Taman Eko Rimba Kuala Lumpur is free to enter. Hike, have a picnic, or even go camping in this nature reserve, filled with breathtaking views of the oldest rainforest in Kuala Lumpur. The highlight of the park is the canopy walk - which is 200 metres long and overlooks the foliage beneath your feet as well as the skyscrapers beyond the forest! 


Forest Research Institute Malaysia, FRIM, Kepong


FRIM is filled with many secret wonders to uncover! You can choose to walk along a shallow river, or look for the waterfall that’s on higher ground. There are also traditional houses built on the property for visitors to get a taste of traditional living, called Rumah Terengganu and Rumah Melaka. If you’re not into the slow pace of walking, you can rent bicycles and cycle around the vicinity of the park. With the variety of fauna and flora in the park, you could even bring along a pair of binoculars and go on a bird watching spree! The possibilities are endless! 


5. Drive to your hometown and show her around 



Every hometown is filled with secrets that only a local would know about. If you and your partner have been together for awhile, hop in your car, or rent one with us at Mayflower - and drive around your hometown to show her around! Take her to eat at your favorite childhood coffeeshop, explore your town’s local museum… and take her to the magical, hidden spots that only YOU know about to watch the sunrise or sunset. Let nostalgia overtake the both of you as you talk about the fond memories growing up and how it’s shaped you to be the person you are today! 


Ready to take the next big step in your relationship? While you’re at it, you might just want to bring her home to meet your parents too. Good luck!  


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