Top 5 Most Romantic Island Getaways in Malaysia For Couples


Love is in the air! Whether you’re looking to rekindle the spark in your relationship, or simply treat your loved one - why not embark on one of these romantic island getaways with your significant other? Check out our top 5 most romantic island getaways in Malaysia for couples:


1. Pangkor Laut Resort

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Nestled amidst an ancient rainforest, fringed by white sandy beaches and emerald waters lies Pangkor Laut Resort. This private island paradise is perfect for those looking forward to a relaxing escape! Go on a guided jungle walk with the resident naturalist, and treat yourselves to a massage treatment at the award-winning Spa Village Pangkor Laut. 


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2. Gaya Island Resort 

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Listed as one of NYTimes’ 52 places to go - Gaya Island Resort is located off the coast of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It offers a distinctively Bornean escape with its protected mangrove rainforests and the surrounding canopy to the outline of Mount Kinabalu. Even the villa interiors are designed to reflect the traditions of native tribes in Borneo! Don’t forget to check out the marine life in the resort’s very own Marine Conservation centre. 


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3. Pulau Rawa 

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Need a place to bask in the sunshine and work on your tan? Rawa Island Resort is the idyllic Malaysia tropical island resort perfect for those looking for a place to unwind. Feel the grains of white, sun-baked sand between your toes as you stroll along the beach, or simply relax as you watch the sun disappear lazily over the orange horizon. 


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4. The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort 

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Surrounded by the turquoise blue ocean, powdery white sandy beach and rainforest, Taaras Beach & Spa Resort is the crowning jewel of Pulau Redang. The resort hides away from the outside world just off the east coast of tropical Malaysia. The word ‘TAARA’ comes from the 4000-year-old Sanskrit language - meaning ‘Goddess of the sea’, ‘The star’ and ‘The apple of my eye'. Definitely an apt name for a destination for lovers! 


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5. Japamala Resort 

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Emerging from 11 acres of tropical wildness, Japamala Resort’s accommodations mirror the serenity of their surroundings in their design and decor. Located on Pulau Tioman, the resort prefers to call its rooms “sarangs” or nests in Malay, so you can imagine how cosy the rooms must be! Aside from its relatively rustic yet luxurious rooms, look forward to a boat excursion to Mukut Village to catch sight of Tioman Island’s iconic twin peaks, including a 45-minute trek to a breathtaking waterfall.


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The sound of gentle waves lapping on the shore, the vibrant hues of a breath-taking sunset, strolls in the moonlight, candlelit dinners, champagne on ice – all sensational ingredients in the recipe for love. So start planning your romantic getaway today!


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