It's Earth Day! Rejoice with nature by bringing your family to these amazing fields of blooming flowers around the world. Grab a picnic basket, a hat, a pair of comfortable shoes and your best camera in hand — it's time to hop to the most Instagram-worthy flower fields around the world!


California, USA: Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve



Photo by Pamela Heckel on Unsplash


Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve in Lancaster — a more than 1,700-acre park of poppy-blanketed hills — is being swarmed by influencers and travellers seeking a rare,

poppy-filled photo opportunity every spring when the California official state flower dots the region in bright golden blossoms. The poppy, native to California, is so prolific across the coastal and inland landscape that early Spanish settlers named California 'The Land of Fire'. Besides poppies, you will also be able to see filaree (pink), fiddleneck (yellow) and lacy phacelia (purplish) at the reserve. The California State Parks website and an old-fashioned phone hotline continually update the bloom status throughout poppy season. The poppy season, as well as duration, varies from year to year. So, check the forecast for bloom ahead of your visit.


Best time to go: March to Early May

Admission fee: Admission to the reserve is priced 10 USD per vehicle and is valid at any other state parks for the rest of the day.

Ibaraki, Japan: Hitachi Seaside Park


Nestled in Ibaraki prefecture of Japan, Hitachi Seaside Park is famed for its many kinds of seasonal flowers all year round — narcissus and tulips in spring, nemophila and roses in early summer, zinnias in summer, and kochia and cosmos flowers in the autumn — but the most spectacular of all is the nemophila field. In late April to mid-May, a sea of 4.5 million baby blue nemophila flowers spills over the 3.5-hectare Miharashi Hills and transform the field to the never ending blue that seemingly blends into the sky for a splendid and surreal view. Miharashi Hills are located at 58 m above sea level, offering an amazing panoramic view of the flowers, blue sky and the ocean, all in blue.


Best time to go: April to early May

Admission fee: 410 yen for adults (15 years old and above); 210 yen for seniors (65 years old and above); 80 yen for children (7 to 14 years old); free admission for children below 6 years old.



Tuscany, Italy: Sunflower Fields



Image by sist3maluxury from Pixabay 


Undeniable, Sunflowers in Tuscany are probably one of the most iconic symbols of this region. Much of the Tuscan countryside is littered quintessentially with fields of sunflowers. When sunflowers are in season, from mid June to mid August, they liven up the scenery and warm your hearts with the bright yellow petals which seem to follow the path of the Tuscan sun from dawn to twilight. Sunflower blooms always tilt up to face the sun over the course of daylight, hence the name. They bend their blooms downwards as the light gets low. So, if you want an awe-inspiring photo, don't wait until sunset for the perfect backdrop of your Instagram photo.


Best time to go: mid-June and early August

Admission fee: Free to enjoy around Tuscan countryside



Halle, Belgium: The Blue Forest


Image by Ben Kerckx from Pixabay 


The Netherlands is well-known for its tulips — the blooms, which typically occur late March to May, draw in tourists from all over the world to see the famous tulip fields in Keukenhof. However, if you like flowers but hate the crowd, there’s another flower experience you shouldn’t miss right around the corner, in Belgium. Each spring, a dreamlike floral carpet of bluebells overtakes the forest floor of this Belgian woods in Halle, a town right beside Brussels. The Blue Forest — also known as the Hallerbos — covered with millions of bluebells from late April into May. Stroll the winding paths, and watch for rabbits and deer that wander through the enchanted woods, you will feel as if you have stepped into a fairytale.


Best time to go: Second Half of April to May

Admission fee: Free




Lavender Fields In Provence, France


This wouldn’t be an article about the best flower fields around the world if it didn’t include the lavender fields in Provence. The iconic image of rolling hills of lavender as far as your eyes can see is legendary. This picturesque region in France is at its most beautiful in summer: the lavender fields are in full bloom and the charming villages there exude a lively spirit. It is not just the gorgeous lavender fields in shades of amethyst, indigo, and violet that make Provence a huge draw; it is also the sedative and soothing scent of it. Plan a trip to Provence, in between June or August to see — and smell — the essence of France summer.


Best time to go: June to August

Admission: Free to enjoy around Provence countryside




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