Top 10 Hidden Gems You Must Visit in Malaysia


Thanks to the many wondrous sights in our country, it is no wonder Malaysia is a popular tourist destination! Most of us have probably visited the iconic Batu Caves or explored Pinang’s endless food galore, but if you’re looking to visit some off-the-beaten locations that you can claim ‘I was here first!’ Well, here are some of our country’s best hidden gems you must visit: 


1. Mabul island, Sabah


Must Visit Hidden GemsPhoto by Sabah Tourism Board 


Mention Mabul Island and visions of swaying coconut trees and idyllic water villages come to mind. And that’s just above the water. Located only about 15 minutes by speedboat from the famous Sipadan Island, Mabul has gained its own recognition as one of the best muck-diving sites in the world. Non-divers can also appreciate the island with its own white sandy beaches - laze on Mabul's soft sand to work on your tan!


2.Paradise Valley, Semenyih 


Photo by Paradise Valley

Surrounded by rolling green hills, Paradise valley is an enchanting resort set amidst the cool tranquility of Borga hill, about 30 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur. It provides the perfect outdoor destination for relaxation and recreation, with its numerous jungle trails as well as outdoor activities such as kayaking, flying fox, rock climbing and many more. 

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3. Banjaran Hotsprings, Ipoh


Photo by Banjaran Hotsprings  


Built around the beauty of nature, Ipoh's Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is Malaysia's first luxury natural hot springs wellness retreat offering bespoke holistic experiences. The retreat is also home to Jeff’s Cellar -  a bar that was built into a cavern of a 260-million-year-old limestone hill. The bar has recently garnered accolades from CNN Greece as one of the top-five most magnificent bars in the world!

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4. Tanjong Jara Resort, Kuala Dungun 


Photo by Tanjong Jara Resort 


Located on the pristine East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Tanjong Jara Resort faces a crescent-shaped beach of golden sand, shaded by tall palms rustling in the breeze with views of the turquoise sea. This tranquil resort is designed with a traditional Malay aesthetic in mind - so expect a luxurious sanctuary steeped in traditions as timeless as Terengganu itself!


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5. Pulau Rawa, Johor


Photo by Rawa Island Resort 


Need a place to bask in the sunshine and work on your tan? Rawa Island Resort is the idyllic Malaysia tropical island resort perfect for those looking for a place to unwind. Feel the grains of white, sun-baked sand between your toes as you stroll along the beach, or simply relax as you watch the sun disappear lazily over the orange horizon. 


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6. Santubong, Sarawak


Only 35 minutes drive from Kuching, the Santubong area offers natural attractions centred on the slopes of Mount Santubong. The star of the show is the rare Irrawaddy dolphin! Gatherings of as many as 30 dolphins have been sighted before in the area making it the best location to view these critically endangered critters in Southeast Asia. Dolphin-watching tours in the Santubong-Buntal peninsula run from April to November, so check those months off in your calendar for some dolphin-watching action.


7. Lang Tengah Island, Terengganu 


Photo by D’Coconut Lagoon Resort 


Off the coast of Terengganu lies Lang Tengah island, which most consider a lesser known paradise compared to its sister islands. The highlight of the island? Beautiful beaches, and stunning marine life to explore! Snorkelers rejoice - because Lang Tengah's crystal clear waters are some of the calmest waters to swim in the country. 


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8. Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, Pahang



Located in the lush tropical jungles of Lanchang, 160km away from Kuala Lumpur, the Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary offers the most idyllic sanctuary for endangered and orphaned elephants that have been rescued from all over the Malaysian Peninsula. The sanctuary is a tranquil home for many orphaned elephants and shelter for raising these majestic creatures. Catch a rare glimpse of the elephants caring for their young, by bathing and feeding them at the centre! 


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9. Klebang, Melaka 


Photo by Tourism Malaysia


Outside of the historic perimeter of Melaka, take a 15-minute drive to Melaka's coastal area to Klebang beach, which in recent years has become viral due to its famed sand dunes. The best time to see it? Come during sunset, especially when the sun starts going down into the horizon, painting the sky with a myriad of colours before going totally dark. After a tiring walk on the sandy terrain, you can enjoy one of Klebang's famous coconut shakes located a few minutes away!  


10. Banding Island, Perak



Ever wondered what’s it like to sleep on a boat in the middle of a large lake embracing a thousand-year-old tropical rainforest in South East Asia? Take a cruise to Temenggor lake on a typical houseboat! The houseboat cruise will take you to the Royal Belum Rainforest, a vast stretch of 130 million-year-old virgin rainforest, where a guide will take you to see the largest flower in the world - the Rafflesia!


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