Ever look at your Instagram feed and wonder - how in the world are my millennial friends able to afford to travel to all these cool places? How many times have you caught yourself saying, "I wish I had the time or money to take an epic trip to <fill in the blank>"? Wonder no more! All it takes is a bit of planning to help bring your #wanderlust goals to life! 


Planning does not have to be stressful - just check out our ULTIMATE millennial guide to solo travel below: 


STEP 1: Plan your destination. 


Plan Your Destination


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First, just simply figure out where you want to go! Whether you’ve had big plans of backpacking through Europe, exploring the Amazon river or road-tripping in Australia, you need to decide exactly where to start from and where you want to be. Deciding where to go is important because after you do your research on your dream destination, you're going to feel more motivated to make it happen. 


STEP 2: Budget your trip. 


Budget Your Trip


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This is a serious step. Planning for a #travelgoals budget can get pretty expensive - so you’ll need to figure out the total cost for your entire trip based on the country or countries you’ll want to visit. This step can be super easy if you decide to go on an all-inclusive tour - such as the ones by Insight Vacations - since they handle accommodations, transportation, most meals, and activities. That way, you know all the costs upfront (it's often cheaper than if you travelled on your own) and you don't have to spend time doing pricing research. 


Once you have a total cost, break it down to a monthly (and even weekly) amount to determine how much you'll need to save on a smaller scale. The point here is - if you start planning far enough in advance, you CAN save enough to travel for the vacation of your dreams! 


STEP 3: Decide when to take time off. 


Take Time Off.


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The reality for many of us, is that time off from work is a limited commodity. So, what's the best way to go about getting time off from work?


  • First, check your company's vacation policy. The main thing to keep in mind when asking for time off is making sure you have a game plan for your absence. Get someone to cover for you, or work extra hours before your vacation - the choice is yours! 
  • Once you are sure of your company’s vacation policy, start planning next year's travels NOW. This way you can nail down your dates, request your time off, and relish in the joy of anticipation! 


STEP 4: Consider Your Touring Options. 


Consider Your Touring Options.


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A solid plan is great, but allowing room for the activities that YOU want to indulge in is the key to a great holiday! If you’re not sure about following a set itinerary, you have the option of personalizing your own package. This way you’ll have the option to explore destinations that are off-the-beaten-track or even have the luxury of sleeping in for a morning or two to enjoy the amenities that your chosen accommodations have to offer. You’ll also be able to lengthen or shorten your stay, depending on your budget. 


STEP 5: Make it happen! 


Make It Happen


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