The Ultimate Guide to Solo Female Travelling for the First Time

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Are you a female looking to travel alone for the first time? Excited at the thought of independence and adventure, but don’t really know what to expect?


You’re not alone.


Solo female travelling is a growing trend. An increasing number of females are focusing on gaining authentic travelling experiences without the burden of organising the trip with another person (or gang!).


So if you are looking to plan an epic first solo female travel adventure, read on for all the practical tips and advice you will need!



Preparation & Planning



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The success of any travel experience lies in the work done before the travel.


In this respect, think about the kind of travel experience you want to have as a solo female traveller. Do you want to laze on a soft sand beach sipping a margarita? Hike the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia and spend a weekend with the monks? Conquer Hang San Doong with a bunch of other intrepid female explorers? 


Identify the location, then drill down on the details. Know exactly where you are going, the costs involved and how that is to be funded (whether prepaid or paid on delivery). If you are going to a country known for its temperamental weather, like Iceland, then make sure you keep an eye on the weather forecast in the weeks leading up to your departure date.


One of the most important things you should do is plan out your route from point A to B in detail. With the internet (you can book a Roaming Man portable wifi to stay constantly connected), almost any route can be planned on the fly but it is so much easier to take the stress out. When you are travelling alone, all the travel stresses are compounded. And there is no one else around to help you but yourself. 


TL;DR - plan in advance!


Another important preparatory step is to make sure that you are contactable and can also contact anyone else in your emergency friends and family list at all times. Let your loved ones know about your trip and share your itinerary, perhaps with travel apps such as TripIt or sharing your Google Doc. Maybe even ask them to be on standby at a pre-arranged time where you will drop a text confirming your safe arrival at your intended destination. Also, gather the contact details of the accommodations you have booked and the tours you have arranged. And always, always have a backup plan. 


A backup plan could come in the form of identifying another nearby hostel to the one you have booked, just in case it turns out that your intended hostel was not what you expected. If you are someone who enjoys an action-packed itinerary, then come up with a backup itinerary. If the weather is bad or you learn that your intended activity is no longer desirable, at least you have a list of alternatives to consider. Food, especially, is something that is always a good idea to research in advance. 


The idea is to do as much work before your trip to minimise your stress. 



Conduct A Short Trial Run



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If the thought of launching straight into an epic three-month solo travelling adventure around Southeast Asia terrifies you, do a short trial run. 


Plan a short trip out of the city for the long weekend by yourself. You could even go further and plan a solo trip to another country like Singapore. This will help you determine if solo female travelling is what you want and identify all the things that you wish you had known or done before the trip.


Some factors to consider when planning a short trial run:

  • Somewhere close by in terms of travelling distance;
  • Strong reputation for safety; 
  • Modern - so you can easily access all the amenities you might require; and
  • Similar in culture and language, especially the latter, to decrease the amount of challenges you face abroad!


Once you have that first experience under your belt, the next adventure will be so much easier. After all, practice makes perfect!



Safety Tips to Observe When On Your Solo Travels



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So you’ve done it! You have booked your flights, made the journey and are now in the destination you dreamed of. A legitimate solo female traveller on your first day.


Unfortunately, dangerous situations have the potential to arise even if you are at home or with a group. Even more so now that you are travelling solo. 


As such, here are some safety tips we would recommend observing:


  • Blend in - please do not stick out like a sore thumb. If you are in a conservative country, avoid attracting attention by covering up. Dress like the locals.
  • Do not take out your jewellery and expensive items - again, it goes towards the idea of not drawing attention. You do not want undesirable people eyeing you for the shiny bauble or Gucci bag you are toting. That is a sure fire way of calling for trouble. 



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  • Hide your valuables in various places - when you are abroad, chances are that you have brought the foreign cash you need for the entire trip with you. Make sure you split the locations where you store the cash. You don’t need to bring them out with you every day. If your accommodation has a safety deposit box, make use of that. Or hide it in your luggage and split it into different locations in your bags. Put some in your pouch or even invest in an anti-theft bag. 
  • Bring your passport with you - you never know when you need it, especially when it comes to claiming tax rebates. However if your accommodation offers a safety deposit box, that could also be an option. 
  • Do not stay out too late - this might seem contrary to having a good idea when abroad, but it is a good principle to bear in mind. By no means take this as a hard rule. You can stay out late, but make sure you know exactly how you will be getting back safely. If you can, go back with a group of people who are staying at the same accommodation as yourself. There really is safety in numbers.
  • Acting responsibly - for instance, don’t go stumbling around dark alleys drunk and alone!



Make Friends When Abroad



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You might have travelled alone, but you don’t have to be alone for the entire trip.


One of the joys of solo female travelling is the people you will encounter. So put on your extrovert hat, go out and mingle! One of the easiest ways to do that is by booking yourself into a hostel that is known for hosting travellers. The guests there tend to also be on the lookout for making new friends and are more open to hanging out together.


Another prime way is to join group tours. When you have gone cliff diving or endured a strenuous six-hour hike up a mountain, you will likely be good friends at the tailend of the trip!






Solo female travelling is one of the best experiences you will ever have. The freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. The need to push yourself beyond your own preconceived boundaries. Travelling is not just a journey of discovering a new place, but also discovering yourself. All you need to do is have a solid plan in place.


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