The Hidden Gems - A Weekend Itinerary in Kuala Selangor

On the northwestern part of Selangor, well off-the-beaten tourist path, lies Kuala Selangor - a district of hidden gems! It is home to a coastal town that maintains a traditional kampung atmosphere, with paddy fields and fishing villages dominating the scenery. We’ve curated a weekend itinerary at Kuala Selangor for you below to kick those worries away and relax at these hidden gems we’ve got for you! Check out our weekend itinerary below: 

1. Start Your Day at Sky Mirror 


Sasaran Sky Mirror is a recently discovered national attraction in Kuala Selangor that is growing in popularity. Dubbed the “Salar de Uyuni of Malaysia” after a similar natural wonder found in Bolivia, Sky Mirror is a sandbank that only emerges for a few hours in the morning, and only on certain dates based on the lunar month, to produce a mirror-like-reflection of the sky in the water. This is definitely a fun place for a family photo-op - so go crazy with your poses for the camera!

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2. Have Lunch Amongst the Paddy Fields of Sekinchan

Photo by @chowsc86 via Instagram

Named the Rice Bowl of Selangor, the name Sekinchan apparently means ‘village suitable for farming’ when translated from Mandarin. For lunch with the view of the lush paddy fields as far as the eye can see, head over to N16 Bus restaurant. With over 20 dishes including handmade drinks, this repurposed old school bus is a great place to escape from the heat and chill while enjoying the view. 

Photo by @kuanyr via Instagram

Don’t forget to snap a few pics of yourself amongst the Sekinchan paddy fields! 


3. Make A Wish at the Wishing Tree next to Pantai Redang 

Photo by @sharonywx via Instagram 

Most people are familiar with Pulau Redang in Terengganu, but few are aware that Selangor has its own Redang Beach, which is located right next to the town of Sekinchan. Make a wish at the famous wishing tree of Pantai Redang by donating a small sum to the temple beside it - write your wishes on the red cloth and throw it up on the tree, you never know your wish might come true! 

Photo by @christpherhwwong via Instagram

Aside from the wishing tree, Pantai Redang offers awe-inspiring sunset views of the Straits of Malacca. Take in the nature of the surroundings by catching a glimpse of migratory birds passing by the horizon, such as grey herons or storks. 


4. Explore a Colonial Fort at Bukit Melawati 

Photo by Visit Selangor 

Bukit Melawati is primarily a historical site with great hillside views, but is also home to hundreds of rare Silver Leaf monkeys. The site of a hilltop fortress that dates back to 1782, and offers a fascinating insight into Selangor’s colonial history through structures such as the Kota Melawati Fort and the Altingsburg Lighthouse. Visitors may choose to get to the hilltop by hiking or taking a short tram ride, where panoramic views await! 


5. Enjoy a Magical Evening with Fireflies at Kampung Kuantan 

Photo by Visit Selangor

For an enchanting end to an adventurous day, proceed to Kampung Kuantan – where flickering fireflies populate the trees of the surrounding mangrove swamp. Row upstream in a small non-motorized boat in the quiet darkness to witness the blinking trees. Just remember that flash photography is strictly prohibited as this may disrupt and confuse the fireflies, who communicate by emitting lights from their abdomen. 

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