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Switzerland is one of those fascinating places in the world where you get to experience four main cultures in one nation: German, Italian, French, and Swiss. The country has incredibly scenic views and city tourist offices around the country have become huge advocates of eco-friendly travel experiences lately. It's also known to be the most expensive country in Europe to travel to, but with Lufthansa’s awesome promo deal that’s on till 31 August 2019, you can book a return flight to Munich, Germany for only RM3,072. From there, hop on a train ride to Zurich, Switzerland for as low as RM116. When in beautiful Switzerland, photos are a must! Here are some places you definitely want to add to your Instagram feed. 

Hiking at Lauterbrunnen Valley 



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Home to a whopping number of waterfalls hidden among a breathtaking view of snow-peaked mountains (72 to be exact), Lauterbrunnen Valley is a top must-visit place in Switzerland for nature lovers. There are plenty of hiking trails around the valley which make a great summer activity and there are also affordable accommodation and dining options in the town area - according to Swiss standards. The Valley’s high cliffs are also a popular place for BASE jumping, drawing these fearless athletes from all over the world. If you’d like to watch them in action, word has it that The Horner Pub is a favourite watering hole of theirs. Pop by, make friends, and see if they’ll let you in on where their next 1,100 meter-high exit point is. Word of caution: Don’t try this at home! 


Have a look at these amazing Instagram snaps from the valley: 


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Riding a fully solar-powered cable car at Toggenburg



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West of the country’s financial centre is Toggenburg, one of the largest regions known for winter sports. Rolling around in powdery snow may not be for everyone, but sitting on the world’s first fully solar powered cable car is not to be missed! Named the Gamplüt gondola, the cable car ride is one of the best nature-friendly ways of taking in the majestic view of the Alpine. The gondola lift can be accessed at a village called Wildhaus.


Here are some pretty amazing views within the Toggenburg region on Instagram: 


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Try solarbob sledding in Langenbruck



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No snow for sledding? No worries! “solar bobsledding” is yet another solar-powered activity unique to Switzerland. Available in Langenbruck, this is one of the most thrilling and eco-friendly ways to bobsled. A solar powered lift carries you up the mountain where you descend at an incredible speed following windy tracks. Holding on tight to your solarbob! If there is any adrenaline-rushing green activity to capture on Insta Story, this would be it! You can up your eco-traveller brownie points knowing you’ve ridden the world’s first bobsled to be run in a carbon-neutral manner. More information available here

Canoeing on Lake Lucerne






Lake Lucerne is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland, easily identifiable on the map almost in the centre of Switzerland due to its odd four-armed shape. Pick any spot and the view from wherever you’re standing will be equally gorgeous. In summer, the lake reflects a mixture of Switzerland's true blue skies and green mountains that surround this beautiful location. Boat cruises are popular here but choose the eco-friendly option and hire a canoe instead. You’ll get the chance for a little bit of exercise while slowing down whenever you like, to enjoy being right in the centre of heaven on earth. Canoes or kayaks can be rented from a small municipality on the border of the lake called Bouchs. More information here


Check out these amazing Instagram snaps of Lake Lucerne:  


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Eat at a famous cliff restaurant in the Appenzell region



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The Appenzell region is very near the Swiss-Austrian border and is well-known for producing Appenzeller cheese. It is also home to another picturesque lake known as Lake Seealpsee and the Äscher restaurant - a famous cliff mountain eatery at Ebenalp. These iconic spots are accessible through a hiking trail and make a great family day out if your kids or parents enjoy the outdoors. People usually ride the Ebenalp cable car to the top of the hill and hike down from there, ending with a picnic and a bit of rowboating around the lake. Appenzell isn’t very populated so you’ll get to experience a less touristy side of the country when you spend time here. 


Here’s what your Instagram photos could look like in this area:  


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Live without pollution near the Matterhorn




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The Matterhorn is an iconic symbol of Switzerland, along with the bear (and if you look closely at the logo of the Swiss chocolate, Toblerone - you’ll see both mountain and bear!). This giant mountain of gneiss rock stands at 4,478 metres tall, making it one of the highest peaks in Europe. Add this one to your Insta Story travelogue and then head closer in to experience life in a uniquely eco-friendly village at the foot of the mountain - Zermatt. This village has no motorized vehicles, only horse-drawn carriage rides to reduce noise and air pollution. It’s like stepping back into time in real life! Being situated in a snowy mountainous range, skiing is a popular activity in Zermatt, of course. But don’t forget to try their outdoor spas as well. Rifflehaus has a lovely outdoor jacuzzi with a great view of the Matterhorn. Now wouldn’t that make a great photo!


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Having all these green Instaworthy experiences lined up for your trip to Switzerland is sure to give you great memories, and potentially make your Instagram followers go green with envy too. Book your flight with Lufthansa soon and show them a new side of Switzerland. 




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