Let's Go Fishing! Top 10 Hidden Fishing Spots for the Best Catch in Malaysia


Calling all avid anglers! Malaysia is a prime destination for fishing locations. With a variety of marine and inland angling locations, our nation hosts numerous fish species in both freshwater and saltwater environments! Check out our top 10 hidden fishing spots for the best catch in Malaysia:


1. Fish Valley Fishing Resort, Selangor

Photo by @jasonliew8989 via Instagram


Surrounded by trees and nature, Fish Valley Fishing Resort is a great place to find serenity and peace. Not only does the resort feature a full-fledged Chinese restaurant, outdoor activities like ATV, and also a fruit orchard - the best part is you get to eat your catch fresh! Fish for fresh tilapia and have the restaurant cook it for you. 


Fish species: Pacu, Sultan Fish, Carp, Rohu and Mekong Catfish


2. National Botanical Garden, Selangor

(From L to R) Photo by @sonyawoon & @impstag via Instagram

Did you know you can fish in the lakes of Shah Alam National Botanical Garden? The best part is that it's only a 30 - 40 minute drive away from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre! Bicycles are available for rent at the park while a free bus service is provided to ferry visitors to various spots within the park. You can choose from a number of lakes within the park to fish and enjoy nature.


Fish species: Pacu, Rohu, and Sultan Fish


3. Thye Fishing Village Fishing Resort, Kedah

Photo by Thye Fishing Village Via Facebook 


This fishing location is actually a converted fish farm! Thye Fishing Village Resort consists of three ponds open for catch-and-release sport fishing. With a restaurant and chalets for guests to enjoy, fishing enthusiasts will find this the perfect place for lure casting and freshwater fishing.


Fish Species: Barramundi (Siakap), Grouper, Seabass, Tarpon and Milkfish


4. Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Resort, Selangor

(From L to R) Photo by @kangyap1010 & @rocketbunny4u via Instagram


At the Natural Exotic Fish Fishing Pond (NEFFP), anglers are shaded from the sun and rain in little huts equipped with tables and chairs for comfort. Other facilities also include restaurants and tackle shops for anglers to enjoy a free and easy fishing day. 


Fish Species: Arapaima, Amazonian Catfish, Redtail Catfish, Pacu, Aligator Gar, Mekong Catfish, Walago, Sultan Fish, Siamese Carp and Rohu


5. Yellow Water Dam, Selangor

(From L to R) Photo by @miormuhdfaiz & @acik_lengchai via Instagram


Yellow Water Dam is one of the best known amongst anglers for Fly Fishing. In fact, this exclusive location only allows one rod per head within the premises. Rumour has it that there are Pacus fish weighing 5kg and above lurking in the depths of the waters! 


Fish species: Red-bellied Pacu and Tilapia


6. Royal Belum State Park, Perak

Photos by Royal Belum State Park 

Love fishing in the great outdoors? Royal Belum State Park is one of the best freshwater fishing spots in Malaysia! Trek into the forest reserve and experience freshwater fishing in the wild. Not a fishing spot you should skip!

Fish Species: Jungle Perch, Mahseer, Giant Snake Head


7. Jarak Island, Perak

(From L to R) Photo by @nankairell & @ibhamdijaafar via Instagram 

Are you a serious saltwater angler? Considered as one of the best jigging spots on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, you can charter a day trip boat or even a weekend stay on a professional fishing boat. This destination is perfect for anglers who prefer jigging and popping techniques!

Fish Species: Giant Trevally, Cobia, Barred Mackerel, (and if you're lucky) Dog Tooth Tuna


8. Tasik Bera, Pahang

(From L to R) Photo by @ashrafruslan & @nas_ahmad86 via Instagram


Tasek Bera is the place to go for lure casting and freshwater fishing. This relatively untouched fishing spot is surrounded by beautiful natural swamp vegetation on what is known as Malaysia's largest natural lake. If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch (and release) the almost-endangered Asian Arowana in its natural habitat! 


Fish Species: Asian Arowana, Golden Dragon Fish, Silver Shark, Catfish, Gouramy, Barbs, Carp, Giant Freshwater Puffer, Giant Snake Head


9. Kuala Rompin, Pahang

Photo by @thumbntk via Instagram

The seas east of Kuala Rompin are home to one of the largest aggregation of Sailfish found anywhere in the world. Tens of thousands of Sailfish feed on massive schools of baitfish between March and end of October. Anglers who are specialised in saltwater light jigging and popping, bottom fishing, and fly-fishing, would appreciate the quest to catch the infamous Sailfish in these waters!

Fish Species: Sailfish 


10. Tukun Perak, Langkawi

(From L to R) Photos by @afzrbr & @dhaus_tapos via Instagram 

Heading to Langkawi for an island escape? Take it to the next level with a deep-sea fishing expedition. Anglers can utilise their jigging, popping, and bottom fishing techniques here. Tick this location off on your bucket list for places to fish!

Fish Species: Snappers, Groupers, Giant Trevally, Yellowfin Tuna, Barred Mackerel

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