Leaving for your vacation? Don’t forget these 5 things!



The end of the year draws near! Have you started planning for your end of the year holidays? If you have… once you’ve sorted out your plane tickets and accomodations,  there are a few things you absolutely MUST do before you head out the door! Do not forget to do these 5 things before you leave for your vacation: 


Confirm Your Bookings



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Picture this: you are lining up at the airport kiosk, waiting to confirm and print your boarding pass - but suddenly, the kiosk breaks down, leaving you and 20 other people rushing to the counter to get your boarding passes checked-in. Before you know it, the flight has left without you - a nightmare scenario for sure! That is why it is best to confirm and check-in your flights online the night before and ensure you’ve got the correct flight dates. Also, verify all your hotel bookings either by calling up the hotel or checking to see if the booking is present on your hotel booking platform. It’s easier to fix a mistake from home before your trip rather than at the location when you arrive - so make sure that everything is in the clear! 



Enable your bank cards



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Before travelling abroad, make sure you enable your bank cards for use overseas! If you don’t, the bank or credit card company will freeze your cards for suspicious use.  Also ensure you save your bank or credit card company’s international toll-free number so that you can notify them if any problem arises when you’re using your cards abroad. Don’t feel like carrying plastic around? You can also try using widely accepted e-wallets such as AliPay or Samsung Pay to pay for goods and services! 



Pack Smart





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Before leaving for any vacation, one definitely needs to pack smart! How? By making a list of items you need to bring on your trip. Print out your list in advance and make sure you have the essentials that you absolutely can’t live without - clothes, toiletries, powerbank and your eyeliner (we know you NEED this)! Once you’ve ensured that you’ve included everything you need, don’t forget to weigh your bags before you leave so you don’t face overweight flight charges when you fly off! 



Make sure your pets are well taken care of




Image by PetBacker

We get it, your fur kids are extremely important - how could you possibly leave them behind? Fear not, for PetBacker is here to the rescue! PetBacker has both pet boarding and pet sitting services for your furry loved ones with only the most animal-loving humans being chosen to be pet sitters. In fact, only 30% of their applicants make the cut thanks to their stringent guidelines. They also have a 100% reservation guarantee, so you’ll never run out of options for loving humans that will take good care of your pet while you’re away!


Prep for your home by shopping groceries online



Image by HappyFresh

Need groceries immediately upon your return from your trip? No need to head to the supermarket in your tired state… just order from HappyFresh! HappyFresh delivers groceries from the stores you love to your doorstep in as little as one hour! They have professionally-trained and experienced Personal Shoppers pick the best produce and items while their Drivers deliver them speedily and safely to you!

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