Know Your Kuih! Check Out Our Essential Guide To Kuih Ramadan


With Raya just around the corner, we can’t help but start craving for mouth-watering kuih raya! Various kuihs are offered to guests when they visit during Raya, but frankly most of it ends up in our tummies. Need a reminder on which festive staples to stack up on before the season begins? Here are 10 Essential Kuih Ramadan you need to know: 


1. Almond London 


London Almond Cookies are roasted whole almonds baked with a crunchy layer of biscuit, followed by a coat of chocolate. An all-time favourite! 


2. Batang Buruk 


Batang Buruk is named as such because it looks like an old branch, though it is actually a cylindrical snack filled with green bean powder. The flaky and powdery kuih is usually only made during Hari Raya.


3. Biskut Mama Carey 

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Mama Carey Biscuit is a buttery pastry topped with white icing, elegantly designed using chocolate or sometimes sugar beads. This scene-stealing decadent treat doesn’t often make an appearance outside of Raya - so it’s a game changer at any Raya open house for sure! 


4. Biskut Suji 

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📅 THURSDAY 21ST. DECEMBER, 2017 We'll take a break from the USS updates and make way for recipe sharing. This is actually the translated recipe requested by Sister @ayat_omryan . My apologies for the late update. Hope this helps ya. SUGEE COOKIES Source : Noni 300g ghee 300g caster sugar 600g all purpose flour red cherries Method : 1. Beat ghee and sugar for a few minutes. 2. Add in flour a little at a time till a soft dough is formed. 3. Take a bit of dough and round it into small balls. 4. Place a small piece of cherry on top. 5. Bake in a preheated oven at 150C for 25 minutes. Oven temperature and baking time differs from one oven to the other. 6. Remove from oven and let them cool before keeping the cookies in an airtight container. #mamafamiresepicookies #resepimamafami recipesharing #resepikuihraya #resepibiskutraya #biskutsuji #bloggermasakan #foodblogger #recipeshare #cookiesrecipe #cookies #madewithlove #instafood #foodgram #yummylicious #ilike #yesyumr . 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

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Biskut Suji, or Sugee Biscuit, is a light and crumbly pastry, with ghee as the main ingredient. Pale cream in appearance, the ghee gives it a rich and buttery flavour. Some recipes use semolina flour, which is coarser and gives the cookie an extra crunch.


5. Cornflakes Madu 

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Masih #cornflakesmadu 🌽🍯

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Cornflakes Madu, or Honey Cornflakes, is a simple cookie that brings on the nostalgia! This sweet and sticky crispy treat is a favourite amongst kids and adults alike during Raya celebrations. 


6. Kuih Makmur 

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My first Kuih raya.. #kuihmakmur #yangremehdulu #rayabakes

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Kuih Makmur is a popular sweet kuih especially in kampungs, made from wheat flour, grounded peanuts and icing sugar. Its melt-in-your-mouth consistency is due to the icing sugar! 


7. Kuih Ros 

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I call this Kuih Goyang! Other names includes . Malaysia - Kuih Ros, Kuih Loyang, Kuih Loyang Utara, Achi Maruku, Bunga Durian Indonesia - Kembang Goyang Sabah - Kuih Caca, Nigeria and West Africa - Hikima and Hausa . Gosh, I believe there are many. This show how food travels through migration all around this world. Anyway, I have to warn you, this moreish snack is so dangerously addictive, hence I only made them once a or twice a year. I have adapted the recipe from my sister @zuraktn. Thank you Ola❤❤❤ . . 500 grams of rice flour 250 ml coconut milk 550 ml water 1 cup of sugar 2 eggs 2 tsp alkaline water . Mix all above in a large bowl. Heat oil for deep frying. . Heat your mould into the hot oil for few seconds then lower it into your batter just up to the rim. Do not dip the whole mould or you will not be able to release the flower shape later on. . Lower it into the hot oil and shake gently to release them. Fry till light brown turning few times. Transfer to a dish lined with kitchen towel. . Let cool before storing in air tight container. . #ramadan #holymonth #family #favourites #muslim #muslimfoodie #recipe #sharing #foodlover #instafood #foodgram #ramadanmubarak #rayacookies #eidbiscuits #rayaready #biskutraya #kuihros #kuihgoyang #achimaruku #loyang #sweettreats #foodideas #recipeshare #biscuitrecipes

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Kuih Ros is a sweet, crispy and aromatic cookie made in the shape of a rose. The batter consists of flour, coconut milk and eggs, which is then poured into a special mould before being fried. 


8. Pineapple Tart 


This traditional treat doesn’t just make an appearance during Chinese New Year, it appears during Raya too! Pineapple Tart has a melt-in-the-mouth, buttery pastry topped with pineapple jam, which is usually homemade for a thicker consistency. 


9. Popia Simpul 


Popia Simpul is made with thin popia skin, traditionally wrapped with a beef jerky called serunding in a knot. It is then deep fried to perfection!


10. Semprit 

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@kuekering_jamannow - Kuenya @meina83 ・・・ #kuekering #coffeecookies #yummy #homebaking . Banyak yang DM aku pakai kopi merk apa.. ini aku fotoin ya.. Kopinya aku pakai Ah Huat #bukanendorse kalo mau pake merk lain boleh banget.. tergantung selera ya kopinya . Coffee Cookies ☕ Source @lysa_tangkulung . Bahan : 100 gr Butter ( aku wysman ) 125 gr margarin ( aku blueband ) 75 gr tepung gula/ gula halus ( aku 60 ) 250 gr tepung terigu kunci 60 gr tepung maizena 20 ml air panas ( buat campuran kopi instant) 20 gr kopi instant ( kopi susu instant , aku Ah huat Extra Rich ) . Topping : Choco chips secukupnya ( agak di tekan ke bawah supaya coklat tidak meleleh pas masukin toples ) Caranya: 1. kocok butter dan tepung gula cukup sampai rata aja . 2. kemudian masukan campuran kopi instant dan ayak tepung terigu dan maizena 3. setelah rata masukan ke dalam kantong piping dan di semprotkan ke loyang 4. panggang 180 c api atas bawah selama 20 menit atau menurut kepanasan oven masing masing. 5. selamat mencoba .👍❤ . . . #krm_cookies #kuesemprit #semprit #resepkuesemprit #resepsemprit #resepkuekering #resepcookies #kumpulanresepmasak #lebaran #kuelebaran - #regrann

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Semprit is a sweet custard cookie that crumbles in the mouth. This Malay version of butter cookie is best taken dipped in coffee or tea.


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