Know Your Kuih! Check Out Our Essential Guide To Kuih Ramadan


With Raya just around the corner, we can’t help but start craving for mouth-watering kuih raya! Various kuihs are offered to guests when they visit during Raya, but frankly most of it ends up in our tummies. Need a reminder on which festive staples to stack up on before the season begins? Here are 10 Essential Kuih Ramadan you need to know: 


1. Almond London 

Image by crumbsandmint from Instagram

London Almond Cookies are roasted whole almonds baked with a crunchy layer of biscuit, followed by a coat of chocolate. An all-time favourite! 


2. Batang Buruk 

Image by iamnuradibah from Instagram

Batang Buruk is named as such because it looks like an old branch, though it is actually a cylindrical snack filled with green bean powder. The flaky and powdery kuih is usually only made during Hari Raya.


3. Biskut Mama Carey 

Image by bypinkyretro from Instagram

Mama Carey Biscuit is a buttery pastry topped with white icing, elegantly designed using chocolate or sometimes sugar beads. This scene-stealing decadent treat doesn’t often make an appearance outside of Raya - so it’s a game changer at any Raya open house for sure! 


4. Biskut Suji 

Image by mamafami from Instagram

Biskut Suji, or Sugee Biscuit, is a light and crumbly pastry, with ghee as the main ingredient. Pale cream in appearance, the ghee gives it a rich and buttery flavour. Some recipes use semolina flour, which is coarser and gives the cookie an extra crunch.


5. Cornflakes Madu 

Image by nurimxn from Instagram

Cornflakes Madu, or Honey Cornflakes, is a simple cookie that brings on the nostalgia! This sweet and sticky crispy treat is a favourite amongst kids and adults alike during Raya celebrations. 


6. Kuih Makmur 

Image by bisousatoi from Instagram

Kuih Makmur is a popular sweet kuih especially in kampungs, made from wheat flour, grounded peanuts and icing sugar. Its melt-in-your-mouth consistency is due to the icing sugar! 


7. Kuih Ros 

Image by zaleha.olpin from Instagram

Kuih Ros is a sweet, crispy and aromatic cookie made in the shape of a rose. The batter consists of flour, coconut milk and eggs, which is then poured into a special mould before being fried. 


8. Pineapple Tart 

Image by bakingwithgina from Instagram

This traditional treat doesn’t just make an appearance during Chinese New Year, it appears during Raya too! Pineapple Tart has a melt-in-the-mouth, buttery pastry topped with pineapple jam, which is usually homemade for a thicker consistency. 


9. Popia Simpul 

Image by che_nom from Instagram

Popia Simpul is made with thin popia skin, traditionally wrapped with a beef jerky called serunding in a knot. It is then deep fried to perfection!


10. Semprit 

Image by netikomeri75 from Instagram

Semprit is a sweet custard cookie that crumbles in the mouth. This Malay version of butter cookie is best taken dipped in coffee or tea.


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