It's World Wildlife Day - 5 Endangered Animals in Malaysia You Should Know


In May 2019, the world was shaken by the news of the Sumatran Rhinoceros officially going extinct in Malaysia. Iman, Malaysia’s last Sumatran Rhino, passed away in late November after battling cancer. Before that, Tam, Malaysia’s last male Rhino, passed away in March. All efforts to breed Iman and Tam were unsuccessful, thus ending the reign of the mighty Rhino roaming the Bornean rainforests of Malaysia. 


As tragic as it is, we must not give up hope on the other near-extinct animals of Malaysia. In conjunction with World Wildlife Day, here are 5 endangered animals in Malaysia we think you should know: 


1. Malayan Tiger 


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Happy #GalentinesDay from one of our more animated duos, Jin and Ava. #malayantigers #grrrrrrrrlpower #tulsazoo 📸 Bryan Tapp

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In 2015, it was placed under the Critically Endangered list. From 3,000 tigers in the 1950s, the number has reduced to around 300 today. This elegant creature is a subspecies unique to Peninsular Malaysia, with the three priority areas for tigers being Taman Negara, Endau-Rompin Forest Complex and Belum Temenggor Forest Complex. 


2. Black Shrew


The Black Shrew is a mouse-like mammal that has so far only been spotted on Mount Kinabalu, Sabah. The solitary creature feeds on insects and can be aggressive to each other. Limited to that particular region, it is so rare that no one actually knows if it is still critically endangered…or already extinct! 


3. Malayan Tapir 


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Tapir family

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Closely related to the elephant and rhino, the Malayan Tapir is a herbivorous mammal with a short trunk and dual-colored body. Found in three regions of Southeast Asia including Malaysia, they are facing extinction due to deforestation and hunting. There are supposedly less than 350 Malayan Tapirs left. 


4. Bornean Pygmy Elephant 


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Heading over to the Kinabatangan River this weekend and will hopefully come across some Bornean pygmy elephants again. They've been active in the area the last couple of days so hopefully they will hang out till we get there. Bornean pygmy elephants are a pleasure to encounter in Sabah and they only occur in this region of North Borneo. The Kinabatangan River is a great place to see them and this area serves as an important corridor as they migrate across the state. . . . . . #elephant #borneanpygmyelephant #sabah #borneo #malaysianborneo #malaysia #borneowildlife #wildlifeasia #sabahtourism #kinabatanganriver #elephant.lover.s #world_wildlife #wildlife.hd #bns_animals #kings_animals_love #wildlifeplanet #wildlifeonearth #global_wildlife_conservation #conservation #wildlife #conservationoptimism #discoverwildlife

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This adorable and miniature elephant species are less aggressive than other Asian elephants, with shorter trunks, long tail and larger ears. In Sabah, they are typically found near the Kinabatangan River. Sadly, poachers still roam the rainforests to seek them out for their tusks, so make sure to stay away from the purchase of ivory goods as souvenirs!  


5. Probocis Monkey



Distinct in appearance with its long nose and large stomach, the Proboscis Monkey was once widespread in the coastal mangroves of Borneo. As its numbers drop by 80% in the last three decades and now is estimated at 7,000, listing them as endangered since 2000. 


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