Here are 5 Ways Malaysians have been Keeping Themselves Entertained during RMO


It’s now week 3 of the Restricted Movement Order (RMO) in Malaysia - and we’ve been stuck at home for a period of time now. We’re sure everyone is doing their best to stay put at home - we’re in this together!


This naturally means Malaysians have been up to various shenanigans with all the free time we have now. We’ve rounded up 5 ways Malaysians have been keeping themselves entertained while staying at home: 


1. Dalgona Coffee 



Malaysians are always among the first to embrace new food trends - so it was no surprise that the term ‘Dalgona Coffee’ ranked amongst the top 10 terms searched on Google Trends in Malaysia in the first week of RMO. A frothy, whipped beverage consisting of coffee foam on top of a glass of ice cold milk - Dalgona Coffee has inspired hordes of Malaysian netizens (including non-coffee drinkers) to take up the challenge of seeing if they can achieve whipping the coffee to the required consistency. 


Want to try it yourself? All you need to do is mix a tablespoon of instant coffee powder, sugar, and a quarter cup of hot water. Whisk it for a good five minutes or so until it becomes frothy. Pour it over a glass of cold milk, and voila! A glass of Dalgona coffee awaits!


2. Sprucing up their homes 


Photo by Ahmad Fathil Zakaria via Facebook 


With all the time we have at home, naturally some people have been tidying up their homes and getting rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy” ala Marie Kondo-style! However, some Malaysians have taken it to the next level! Artist Ahmad Fathil Zakaria documented a 5-day journey and shared the steps he took to transform his spare guest room into a spankin’ new spaceship room! He even added LED strips along the sides of the spaceship walls - to add to the atmosphere of being in outer space. 

3. Instagram Challenges 


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Ok. I’ll play #untiltomorrow But probably forever

A post shared by Vincent Tong (@vt007) on Apr 5, 2020 at 11:02am PDT


If you have been active on social media, you definitely wouldn’t have been able to escape the endless challenges netizens have been pitting against each other! One of the more popular challenges is the #UntilTomorrow challenge - which sees users posting funny and weird photos of themselves on Instagram, and users have to keep the picture on their profile for 24 hours!


4. Working out in creative ways 




So we’ve all been snacking more than usual since our kitchen is now close by 24/7. But several Malaysians have come up with unique ways to work out at home so we don’t fail to achieve our fitspo goals. Instagram user @yuuqing makes a game of tissue Tetris out of it in her workout routine by stacking tissue rolls one on top of the other while doing a plank. We dare you to try it! 

5. Balcony Concerts 



Malaysians have joined in on the “balcony festivity” too!  The positive trend, which started from virus-struck Italy, has now become a way to keep Malaysians upbeat and raise morale. A widely-shared video on Facebook shows neighbours of an apartment singing the patriotic Saya Anak Malaysia song by Salim Ibrahim or better known as Dr Sam. During these trying times, it’s nice to see people who do their part to spread a little joy and positivity all around! 

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