If there were to be an entire nation that thrives outdoors and loves its little part of the planet, it’s Australia. Ask any CBD-dwelling Melbournian or the city folk from Sydney and they’ll probably tell you that outdoor barbeques, trips to the beach, and camping or just road trip weekends are pretty much the life they grew up with. Despite receiving little rain which probably contributes to its drier weather and the obvious desert in the middle, the land is surrounded by the bluest waters and has lovely green forests and mountains scattered throughout the country. There are also an incredible number of fruit orchards and vineyards to be enjoyed almost throughout the year.



If you’re wondering where to travel to from September till April, here are some amazing green Australian adventures waiting for you this Spring, Summer, or even next Autumn. We’re also giving you additional discounts on your flight and hotel bookings if you book a trip to Australia between 16 - 30 June 2019!



Conquer the mountains on bike




Photo by Stage 7 Photography on Unsplash


Commuting by bike is a common thing in Australia. In the city, it's a popular mode of transport and the local council has done very well in provided bicycle parking spaces as well as e-bike rentals for tourists. Travel further out and you’ll discover the gnarliest forest mountain trails to zip down on your bike or you could choose to take the road. The Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne, Victoria is a popular place for cyclists with at least five different uphill cycling routes to conquer. Make a stop at Olinda and eat Melbourne’s best pies at Pie In The Sky before heading to the peak for a stunning view. Also in Victoria, mountain bikers can take on the 6.3km State Mountain Bike Course at Lysterfield Park where the Melbourne Commonwealth Games cross country mountain bike competition was held way back in 2006. There are quite a few places to rent a good mountain bike around Melbourne, just do a quick google search and pick it up on your way to the trails.



Go horse riding till sunset


Image by magaretriver


One of the best ways to enjoy the changing landscape of Victoria is by horse riding. There are plenty of horse riding experiences available in Victoria and even along the eastern coast of Australia but to get a great view, choose those that are located near a hilltop. This way, you’ll get to enjoy interacting with your own horse and also reach the peak of the hill without taking a single step! Talk about getting value for money. Horse riding near a hilly area also means you’ll probably pass through interesting landscapes around like streams and through the gumtree trails before reaching to the peak for tea time. Once you’ve fuelled up, the guides take you down the hill and together with the whole group of horses, you go a-cantering across an open plain with the Australian summer sunset making a perfect backdrop. If you’re lucky, you might even get wild kangaroos racing alongside you just for fun! Yes, “Tourism Australia advertisement moments” can be real! Check out Uncle Nev’s Trail Riding or High Country Horse Rides. Riding sessions can go between 2 and a half hours to two days depending on which package you choose. Prices can start around RM300.00 for the full package, including meals.



Exploring the Northern Territory on a kayak


Image by visitkatherine


Australia’s Northern Territory is a treasure trove of nature’s best. Most people only know it for the UNESCO-protected red sandstone rock known as Uluru or Ayers Rock which is also considered sacred by many indigenous people groups. However, travel further north and you’ll find yourself in two iconic national parks. There are Australia’s largest national park, Kakadu National Park and Nitmiluk National Park which is still under custody of the indigenous Jawoyn people of Australia. Kakadu has almost everything you could ask for in a real Australian outdoor adventure - rugged rock formations, four major rivers, waterfalls, lowlands and plains, and up to 60 different animals and 280 bird species to spot! As for Nitmiluk, the Katherine River is a major highlight for nature-lovers. Glide along its quiet waters on kayak or canoe and enjoy parts of the landscape that aren’t visible by foot. There are even camping tours available if you would like to spend a night under the stars for the full outdoor experience. Canoe / kayak tour prices start at RM170 and are best experienced between May to November.

Experience life on an orchard and taste the goodness of a vineyard


Image by Natalie Grainger


For those who would like a slower and easier pace, there is always the option of simply enjoying one of many fruit orchards and vineyards in Australia. Make sure you check on the best season to visit for a full harvest. Usually, that’s between November and April. If you can stay on the premises and wake up to a glorious sunrise and end your day with a basket full of fruits and other memorable farm experiences, even better! Some notable orchards and vineyards can be found in New South Wales. The Apple Shack in Glenbernie Orchard, NSW is well known for apple picking and you’ll also get to taste products made from the bounty of the land - cider, jams, and apple vinegar. You get a boutique winery, brewery, fromagerie, restaurant and even accommodation all in one place at Cupitt’s Winery, NSW. If staying on the premises is out of your budget, check their social media pages to find out what and when the next public event is.

Surfing or scuba diving in the big blue


Image by Brandon Compagne


This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the Australian favourite past time, surfing. And for some, scuba diving too! We’re including a good surf and dive in this list because the best way to grow respect for the ocean is when you’re part of it - so to speak. The surfing and diving community all across Australia are often huge advocates of clean oceans and using sustainable materials instead of plastic to reduce the amount of plastic waste that pollutes these blue waters worldwide. Some of the best surf sports for beginners are at Greenmount Beach of the Gold Coast, Noosa Heads in Queensland, and Crescent Head at NSW. Surf season in Australia is anytime between December to March and you can check Coastal Watch or Swellnet for daily surf weather reports. Most surf beaches would have boards for rent, sometimes starting around RM65 for two hours. As for diving, skip the Great Barrier Reef and head straight to Australia’s second largest coral reef in Ningaloo Marine Park, Western Australia. The water here is teaming with coral life and you don’t have to swim too far out to start enjoying it. Ningaloo is also famous for diving among whale sharks. These gentle beauties appear most between the months of April to September.


There’s a whole lot more that Australia has to offer, of course. We haven’t even covered Tasmania yet! This list should give you a few good pointers to start planning your next Australia adventure. Just remember to book your flights and hotel with us this 16 - 30 June 2019 for added discounts!




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