Father's Day Gift Guide

Can’t figure out the perfect gift for your dad? To make planning easier for the upcoming Father’s Day, Mayflower Holidays is here to solve your quest! Here are our top 10 gift ideas to gift your father this Father’s Day: 

1. BOSCH GO 2 Solo Smart Screwdriver 



This intuitive screwdriver is easy to use and suitable for use on various platforms, from wood, metal and plastic to delicate motherboards and fuse boxes it's something that not only fancy but practical for the boss at home. 


2.Starbuck Stainless Steel S'Well Black Satin Water Bottle – 17oz 


More often than not, Starbuck tumblers, mugs or merchandise are usually associated with the younger generation that collects items for their fanciful value. Gift your trendy dad a water bottle, and it’s sustainable too! 


3. Mobile Car Wash and Sanitation Service 


There must be a reason why many dads refer to their cars as their 2nd wife, but let us leave the debate outside this blogpost ;). With the current SOP's that do not allow car wash operators to commence their businesses, there might be some cause for concern that many 2nd wives will require some TLC in such desperate times. Thanks to our mobile car wash service, we offer a solution to wash and sanitise your car regardless of SOP restrictions in the comfort of your own home. 

Click HERE to purchase the Mobile Car ash and Sanitation Service! 


4. Apple Watch Series 6 



To the exclusive dad in the form of an Apple lover, this gadget is ultimately a go-to item this Father's Day. Probably one of the more costly items on our list, complete your superhero dad's mighty forearms with the Apple Watch matching the personality of his ever-steady reliable iPhone. 

Looking for a more budget friendly smart watch? Here we recommend Mi Smart Band 5! Click here for more information! 


5. Booster T Series Low Noise Massage Gun 



Have you noticed your dad groaning quietly while doing his day-to-day tasks? Simple stretches and lifting don't seem so simple anymore. While his ego and machoism prevent him from admitting, your subtle gift of a massage gun will truly be a fancy toy that brings relief to his daily life without breaking the budget this Father's Day. 


6. mi Body Composition Smart Scale 2 



Let's face it, SOP's and work from home (WFH) arrangements don't help in giving fathers an active lifestyle with the proximity of the fridge being ever so nearby.  Here’s a mi Body Composition Smart Scale to keeps track of body fat percentage, balance test and a highly accurate weight sensor to keep that active lifestyle! 

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7. Eyoyo Portable Gaming Monitor 



Considering the stress each dad goes through to keep up to the reputation as bread-winner, protector and provider, many dads resorts to gaming as an easy stress relief after a long day of work. To make this a better experience, an Eyoyo Portable Gaming Monitor will be a great addition to this downtime or serve as a way to boost productivity while working from home. 


8. Panasonic Nanoex - Model: F-GPT01ARM 



A tumbler sized air-purifier, this portable technological breakthrough enhances the superpowers of your dad by zapping 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on the move. Not only does it kill virus and bacteria, but its purification effect also deodorises its surroundings taking away smelly odours such as cigarettes while hydrating skin and hair within a safe and generous distance. 

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9. Enchen Boost USB Fast Charging Electric Hair Clipper 



Side-effects of this pandemic have their pros and cons. Among the benefits out there is the fact that many ' homegrown' barbers have emerged out of grooming emergencies. To complement the inner barber talents of your dad, this cordless hair clipper helps sharpen the skills of each barber dad without the hassle of wires that come in the way of their hairy artwork. 


10. HIMO Z20 Electric Bike 



While many dads envision themselves bracing steep mountains and rough terrains on a mountain bike, let's play it safe by starting their journey on a fancy easy to use an electric bike. This foldable, speedy and cool e-bike provides an excellent biking range of up to 80km, which suffice in compliance with our government's SOP while giving the option of bringing you all the way to Putrajaya and back (to KL) without a sweat. 

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Check out our Father’s Day Promotion Page now! You might find the perfect present for your father and we hope so too! 

Happy Father’s Day and stay safe!