Drive and Earn! 5 Side Hustles You Can Do Right Now To Earn Money For Your Next Vacation


*Article was last updated on 16th November 2020


If you need some help budgeting for your next big adventure, we’ve got your back! Regardless of whether you’re steadily employed or starting up your own business, you could always use a bit of extra cash to boost your vacation funds. Here are 5 side hustles you can do right now to earn money for your next vacation: 


1. Parcel Delivery 

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Courier-based companies have been offering opportunities for ordinary folks to become part-time delivery partners. According to reports, you can earn up to RM10,000 in commissions by signing up as a delivery partner with Lalamove and Pos Malaysia, if you have a van. Don’t worry about not owning a van - as you can still sign up for other delivery programs under these companies.

The same goes to Grab, as delivery partners can get paid daily as long as you have a working smartphone, are 18 years old and above, a Malaysian citizen and have access to either a motorcycle or car accompanied with a license! 


2. Food Delivery 

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We consider food delivery can be very rewarding as a side hustles - who doesn’t like receiving food? Sign up to be a food delivery partner with your favourite food delivery platforms such as GrabFood, FoodPanda, or DeliverEat. Just think of it as bringing a smile on someone’s face because of the food you’ll be bringing! 


3. Become a Personal Shopper 

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Want to make full use of your next grocery run? As a personal shopper, you’ll be able to help other people shop for their groceries at the same time! Grocery delivery services such as HappyFresh and other runner services such as LalaMove and Bungkusit are your best bet when it comes to signing up to be a personal shopper. 


4. Help Move Items 

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If you’ve ever had to move before, then you know it’s not an easy task! It’s always handy to have extra hands on deck especially when moving large items such as furniture and heavy boxes. Bonus points if you have a car or a van to transport all those items to its destination! Services such as GoGet and LalaMove offer the option of doing moving jobs if you meet the right requirements, give it a try.  


5. Drive People Around 

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We’re sure everyone has tried out Grab or MyCar’s ride-sharing services by now! The good news is that if you only drive during your downtime - as long as you drive consistently for an hour or two per day, reports suggest you can easily make an extra RM800 - RM2000 every month. 


We know you’ll be travelling soon - so start saving now for your next vacation! 


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