CMCO is back again! Top 5 Tips To Keep In Mind If You're Going Out Of The House

11 Sep 2020

*Article was last updated on 14th October 2020


The 2nd round of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) has arrived in the states of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya, and Sabah. Since most of us will be staying at home, here are 5 tips to keep in mind if you're going out of the house: 


1. Plan Your Trip With MySejahtera 

Photo by MySejahtera 


MySejahtera app is not just used for checking into locations! The official Malaysian-government approved contact tracing app is used for all things related to COVID-19 in Malaysia, most notably showcasing the locations of COVID-19 hotspots and real-time updates on the number of cases within the nation. Take note of how widespread the virus is in certain areas and make plans before heading out the door.

Remember, only 2 people from each household are allowed to leave their homes for essential tasks! 


2. Make Sure To Pack The Essentials 

Photo by Tai's Captures on Unsplash 


Don't forget to pack these necessities in your travel bag so you're always prepared! Here’s a simple checklist to get you started: 

Hand Sanitizer - The alcohol level needs to be at least 60 per cent

Face masks - Be sure to have enough for everyone as you can only wear a mask for 8 hours before it’s time to replace it 

Disposable gloves - So that you don’t unnecessarily touch infected surfaces 

Disinfectant wipes/isopropyl wipes - To disinfect your phone or other surfaces you might touch 

Emergency medicine to last the trip 


3. Take Note of How You’ll Be Travelling


Photo by Hareez Hussaini on Unsplash


Malaysians will be allowed to use all forms of public transport, such as buses, trains, and taxis. For e-hailing services like Grab, there's a limit of two passengers per ride. Just make sure you practice good hygiene on your journey - such as regularly using disinfectant or washing your hands after you touch frequently used surfaces on your journey! 


4. Think About Your Travel Companions  

Image by soumen82hazra from Pixabay 


Make sure to weigh the risks of travelling for your travel companions. Will there be any elderly people or young children tagging along your journey? As the elderly and young children are considered more susceptible to catching the virus, best to be mindful when deciding to head out the door! 


5. Social Distancing is Still Important 

Image by cromaconceptovisual from Pixabay  


The most important tip of all - wherever possible, don’t forget to socially distance! Best to avoid crowded situations and be 1-metre away from the next person.


With these tips in mind, we hope you’ll stay safe during this CMCO period. Don't forget to wash your hands!