Cast a Coin to These locations - A Guide to Netflix Filming Locations


In this time of uncertainty, it is comforting to know that you can always rely on Netflix to come through. We know that there are some shows and movies that aren’t available to our region (cue the sad background music). But for the ones that are, here is a brief guide to our favourite Netflix filming locations. 


Some of these shows film on multiple coasts, so in the interest of keeping things streamlined, we will be focusing on the most iconic landmarks from each of the shows.


1. The Witcher (2019 - ); Budapest, Hungary



You read the title, right? There was no way we were passing up the chance to rep The Witcher on a list like this! Reportedly Netflix’s most-watched show, The Witcher is based on the book series by Polish writer Andrew Sapkowski.


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Zde na hradě Tata v Maďarsku byl natáčen jeden ze seriálových omylů letošního roku - seriál Zaklínač. V podstatě jde o dobrý destilát zředěný velmi sladkým a nezdravým džusem, když jej srovnáme s původním Sapkowskeho dílem, ale jestli nám skutečně něco dal, tak to bylo kromě Anyy Chalotry i spousta zajímavých míst, jejichž navštívení je podmíněno neskutečným množstvím zkoušek a výzev. Ono už jenom zkusit komunikovat v maďarštině je solidní Mordor. Efelõl nincs kétség. Here, at the hungarian castle Tata were shot one of the big mistakes of last year - The Witcher series. It’s actually originally good distillate diluted with sugary and unhealthy juice in compare with a Sapkowski’s books, but if series gave us something, its a Anya Chalotra and so many places to visit where is so complicated to get and it is not just about trying to talk with natives in hungarian language because it’s truly Mordor. Efelõl nincs kétség. #tata #tatacastle #castleoftata #öreg #lakeöreg #thewitcher #thewitcherseries #thewitcherseriesisobjectivelybad #rinde #thelastwish #lastwish #jinn #geraltofrivia #geralt #jaskier #marigold #dandelion #henrycavill #joeybatey #bard #zaklínač #travelling #szeretlek #hogyvagy #madarsko #madarsko🇭🇺 #maďarsko #hungaria #🇭🇺 #🇭🇺❤️

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The Witcher was filmed in some stunning locations. But for some of the more iconic of the lot, they shot outside of the city of Budapest, Hungary. Vajdahunyad Castle worked as the exterior of the wizard Stregobor’s house in episode one. (Though if you are expecting some bare naked ladies lounging around, we are sorry to disappoint!) Tata Castle was where Geralt and Jaskier first met Yennefer and had a showdown with a dangerous wish-granting djinn. It was also where they got hot and heavy, but that is a mention for another kind of list. *wink


2. Sense8 (2015 - 2018); Paris, France



Sense8 follows a Cluster of eight people, called Sensates, spread out all over the world. Despite having the plug pulled on them, fans lobbied hard for a conclusion to the story. This came in a feature-length film that was largely set in Paris, France. 


The exterior shot of the Sensates' Parisian lair can be found by looking for the Marché de la Butte on rue Androuet in Montmartre. Keep your eyes peeled because the door to their apartment is opposite it. The interior is a little bit tricky for the layman fan to spot. But production notes place it at 2 rue Cambon. For the uninitiated, it is a street marked down in fashion history as where Coco Chanel began her career at No. 21, before opening her own fashion house at No. 31. 


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A bright evening in Paris 🧡💛🧡

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Finally, there was no way they could have filmed in Paris without heading to the Eiffel Tower. Fireworks were set off from the tower on 22nd October 2017. This was in service of a key scene and much to the delight and surprise of unsuspecting Parisians.


3. Black Mirror (2011 - ) Cape Town, South Africa



Black Mirror is one of those prestige shows that is a mainstay during awards season. It is incredibly popular and has filmed all over the world. But for now, we are going to focus on the Emmy award-winning episode San Junipero.


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Happy Valentine Day.We was in Cape Town, went to the Nigeriano bar, saw a Cape point.

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The episode revolves around the fictional seaside party town of San Junipero - where the characters of Kelly and Yorkie have their meet-cute. To double for an American location, Cape Town with its unexpected 80’s Californian-Americana aesthetic was a clear choice to the showrunners! Head down to Mimi’s on Lower Main Road, Observatory to have a glimpse at Tucker’s. But to reenact the rain-soaked heartfelt scene of the alleyway, you’ll need to travel to Lido Bar at Prestwich Street. To relive the scene where Kelly gets into a red convertible at the beach, you’ll have to go to Camps Bay. If you are ever here, be sure to blast Belinda Carlisle’s ‘Heaven is A Place on Earth’ as a soundtrack for one of the Kelly and Yorkies' happy ever after. 


4. Orange is The New Black (2013 - 2019); Astoria, Queens, New York, USA



The OG of Netflix shows. When OITNB first hit screens it was a game-changer in terms of how women and minorities were depicted. It showcased a far accurate depiction of New York than the glossy and glamorous turns it had gotten up to that point. Running for 7 seasons, it follows a group of imprisoned women called the ‘Ladies of Litchfield’, charting their lives before and after their incarcerations. 


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Giving grit to their storylines were the real-life spots like The Sparrow Tavern which was in the first season. Also in Astoria, check out Rosario’s Deli which doubled as the character Red’s family restaurant Dimitri’s. Before you leave, take a walk around beautiful Astoria Park. Near the Hell’s Gate Bridge is where Red delivers one of the most iconic lines from the show. 

5. The Crown (2016 - ); Wales, United Kingdom



Rounding out this list is a series that focuses on the family that makes up the House of Windsor. With Queen Elizabeth the Second as one of the titular characters, Season Three aired in November 2019 and with two more seasons left, this is the sweet spot to play catch up. 



The show scored points in being historically accurate when they recreated Prince Charles’ investiture as the Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle at Gwynedd, North West Wales. This location was special to the cast and crew because it was where the actual 1969 ceremony took place and has deep ties with the history of Welsh independence and the British monarchy. 


There are some undiscovered gems in their media library, so during this MCO period, add the ones you’ve not watched to your list. A lot of love, care and attention was given to the making of Netflix shows, so if we have missed out on mentioning your favourite ones, we are sorry. After all, there are only so many hours in the day and so many shows. Stay safe everyone! 

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