Colourful alleyways, scrumptious treats, AND stunning natural landmarks - it’s no wonder Ipoh is now considered one of the best cities to visit in Malaysia, if not the world! This quaint city that was once bustling with tin-mining trade during the British colony slowly faded off the radar in the 1980’s due to the collapse of tin prices, but no longer. If you’re looking for fun-filled short weekend getaway, check out what our 2D1N itinerary has in store for you: 


Day 1: Explore Old Town Ipoh And Enjoy A Laidback Boat Ride! 


Lunch at Thean Chun 


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The drive from KL to Ipoh takes around 3 hours, so upon your arrival, it should be just in time for lunch! Make your way to Restoran Thean Chun, famous for its Kai Si Hor Fun - an Ipoh delicacy that primarily consists of shredded chicken pieces, prawns and Hor Fun (flat rice noodles) in a fragrant broth. What makes Thean Chun’s Kai Si Hor Fun stand out is the fact that its broth is sweeter compared to other places - so give it a try! 


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Apart from Kai Si Hor Fun, Thean Chun also serves an excellent caramel pudding! Order a platter of these sweet delights while waiting for your Kai Si Hor Fun to be served.  


Walk around Ipoh old town and concubine lane! 



After a hearty meal, spend some time exploring the old town on foot (work off that food coma!). Admire colonial gems such as the Ipoh railway station and the Birch Memorial Clock tower! 


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Er Nai Xiang🏮

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Another must-see in the old town is the Concubine Lane, or better known as “Yee Lai Hong” by the Cantonese-speaking locals. With colourful murals and lanterns lining the rooftops, it’s no wonder Concubine lane has become a favorite with both locals and tourists alike! During weekends and holidays, the lane comes to life with many pop-up stores lining the vibrant lane. Shophouses along the lane have been restored to their former glory and now house cafes, souvenir shops and eateries!  


Enjoy a foamy mug of Butterbeer at Platform 9 & 1/2. 


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This newly-opened establishment has been making its rounds on Instagram lately, thanks to the hordes of Potterheads flocking to the store! Check out the imposing storefront made to resemble the ones in Diagon Alley (from the movies). You’ll be provided with a set of Hogwarts robes and props to make your photo look even more believable - Cap off your photo-taking session with a mug of Butterbeer for a rewarding experience! 


Enjoy a serene boat ride at Gunung Lang Recreational Park



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A short 20-minute car ride from Ipoh will take you to the entrance of Gunung Lang Recreational Park. The entire recreational spot is developed around a scenic backdrop of the limestone hills of Gunung Lang and Gunung Bilike with the man-made cascading waterfall atop a limestone hill as the main attraction. 



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To fully enjoy the experience, we highly recommend taking a boat ride across the lake. Imposing limestone formations tower above your head while the two sides of the lake are flanked with pleasing green shrubbery. It’s a sight not to be missed!  


Dinner at Ong Kee Bean Sprout Chicken Rice 



There’s something magical in the waters of Perak, because trust us when we say that the beansprouts (or what is locally known as taugeh) of Ipoh are HUGE. The best way to enjoy these big, juicy beansprouts is to have them with chicken rice, so it’s no wonder that Ipoh has so many chicken rice joints! Ong Kee Bean Sprout Chicken Rice is well known amongst locals and tourists alike for its tasty chicken rice, accompanied with tender and succulent chicken pieces. Top it off with a platter of bean sprouts and you have the perfect meal. 

Can still eat? Head over for desserts at Tong Sui Kai! 


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Moreh campur sahur

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If you are still feeling peckish, look no further than this dessert cum hawker street along Jalan Sultan Ekram known as Tong Sui Kai (糖水街). There’s nothing like ending the day with a refreshing bowl of icy mixed fruit ABC! 

Day 2: A Cave Temple And MORE Food. 


Start your day at Sin Yoon Loong White Coffee 


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If you need your cup of joe to start the day, then there’s no better place to go than Sin Yoon Loong White Coffee - the shop that apparently introduced Ipoh White Coffee to the masses. “Dan Chi” (Half-boiled eggs on toast), Kaya & Butter Toast and a cup of white coffee make a great ensemble for a hearty, traditional breakfast before you go off exploring! 


Get Zen at Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple 


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Nearby Ipoh are several interesting limestone cave temples, of which the following two are the most popular. Mornings are the best time to explore the temples before the sightseeing crowds arrive. .. 1~5 Sam Poh Tong (Three Treasures Cave) 三寶洞 6~10 Kek Lok Tong (Blissful Cave) 極樂洞 .. 離怡保市區不遠有幾間石灰岩洞穴寺廟, 其中最吸引遊客的是三寶洞和極樂洞。 早晨是遊覽寺廟的最佳時刻,乘著人潮還未湧來在寧靜週圍散步慢慢欣賞景點。 .. #mytravels #mytravelpics #travelphotography #mytravelphotos #instatravel #travelgram #travelling #wanderlust #visitmalaysia #visitperak #visitipoh #travelmalaysia #travelperak #travelipoh #ipohheritage #malaysiaheritage #instaheritage #sampohtong #kekloktong #cavetemple #馬來西亞旅遊 #馬來西亞 #怡保 #怡保旅遊 #三寶洞 #極樂洞 #🇲🇾

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Ipoh is home to a number of cave temples, but the most picture-perfect one belongs to Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple, thanks to its spacious and airy feel and attractive lake garden. The award winning landscape garden features a jogging path circling two lakes and one of the longest reflexology footpaths in Ipoh. You can even buy food to feed the koi fish in the pond from the temple! 


Don’t leave Ipoh without a hearty plate of ‘Nasi Ganja’!


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Don’t be startled by the name - this is what locals call the Nasi Kandar at Yong Suan coffee, due to how addictive it is! It’s no wonder that this coffee shop is filled with patrons queueing up for a plate. Order a signature plate of Nasi Kandar which comes with fried chicken, salted egg, okra and sliced cucumbers topped with their special chutney and robust curries! Tip: Make sure you request for “kuah campur banjir” if you like rice flooded with curry sauce - trust us, it’s worth it! 


Last snack before you go? Sweet endings with Woong Kee’s Tau Foo Fah



Extremely soft and unbelievably light - Woong Kee’s Tau Foo Fah is beloved by locals and relatively unknown to tourists. The Tau Foo Fah here comes in different variations and has larger serving portions compared to other Tau Foo Fah stalls in Ipoh. Try the Peanut Sesame Tau Foo Fah with brown sugar - silky, velvety smooth bean curd topped with brown sugar, chopped peanuts and sesame seeds, that is just sweet enough and not at all cloying to the palate! 


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