8 Travel Photography Tips For Your Instagram Feed


Ever heard the millennial saying, “Photos or it didn’t happen”? These days with social platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, people have made photography a huge part of their travels. Some even plan their travel itinerary around places that are known to be most Instagrammable! 


With so much pressure on maintaining a certain aesthetic for your Instagram feed, it's important to remember that enjoying the trip should come first, and photos second. So with our list of tips to do both well, you can book your flight and hotel with us anywhere and still be sure to get great photos for your Instagram feed! 


1. Appreciate the small things


Photo by justsaytravel via Instagram


Travelling often makes us realise how much we take the simplest things in life for granted. When you start to appreciate the little things, it gives you something new and different to photograph! The last thing your viewers want is to see another photo of a popular tourist destination that can be found anywhere else on the Internet. Boring! When you appreciate the small things, you’re encouraging your followers to do the same and you’re adding value to what they’re visually consuming. 


2. Document the mundane


Photo by Partick via Instagram


As you’re making the effort to photograph nice moments and things on your travels, don’t forget to document all the in-betweens. It could be the feeling of anticipation you had about heading to the next destination, or following your travel buddy’s footsteps traversing along a wet gravel footpath glistening in the sun! 


And sometimes, when your memory brings you back to that specific moment, it's nice to have an actual photo to look at and remember even more. Be mindful of your feelings, and document these moments in your journal or blog.


3. The early bird gets the worm


Photo by Angie via Instagram


When it comes to photography, this really applies! The early photographer gets the best sunrises, lighting conditions, the least-crowded transit, and the whole place to him/herself! How wonderful to be able to take photos without trying to dodge the back of other tourists heads, or waiting in line for hours to get a chance to stand in front of a certain view! Be the traveller who wakes up early, takes his/her photos hassle-free, and still has time left-over to explore his/her surroundings  - all before lunch! 


4. Apply rules of thirds



Phot by Long-Nong Huang via Instagram


Now we get into the basic technicalities of what makes a good photograph. “Rules of thirds” is a photography term used to describe how every photo can be visually divided into imaginary “thirds”, horizontally and vertically - making a grid of nine squares/spaces in total. Many digital cameras and phone cameras have a function where you can turn on this grid in your viewfinder as a guide. Try it for yourself and compare photos taken with the rules of thirds in mind to photos that aren’t. It’ll blow your mind! 


5. Play with light, shapes, and patterns


Photo by Patrick via Instagram


Photography is actually the art of using light. Light forms an image and the amount of light you allow into a photograph can give the image a very different feel and meaning. The direction which your light source is coming from also changes the way a photograph looks. If you want a more artistic photograph of yourself and your partner at the beach, get someone to take the photo where the sun is behind the both of you to create a silhouette! 


Another way of making your photographs interesting is to look out for patterns and shapes all around you. This could be circles made by many plates of food on a table, or repeated rectangles through a window frame. Be observant and have some fun! 


6. Try different angles


 Photo by Patrick via Instagram


Sometimes the best view isn’t going to present itself right before you. You need to work to find it! Move around and find different angles to see the same subject, object or view from. Take 2-3 different angles so that when it comes to posting up your photos, you’ll have a good variety to select the best from! In relation to point number 5, trying different angles can also help you “make patterns and shapes” in a photo, simply by moving a little more to the left, right, up, or down. 


7. Use photo editing apps


Photo by Maliha via Instagram


You probably already know this but, most travel Instagrammers are able to maintain a consistently pleasing aesthetic throughout their grid because they’re using a consistent photo filter. Adding filters is just one of the many reasons to download photo editing apps so you can quickly run your photos through them before posting. Photo editing apps help to tell a story, and some even give you fun stickers and scribbles to give your photo some graphic personality! A few highly recommended and free phone apps are Snapseed, VSCO, Unfold, and Canva. 


Ps. Canva is super useful for creating awesome Instastory designs with your photos too! 


8. Let your photos reflect who you are


Photo by Sam Lim via Instagram


Finally, your photographs should reflect the kind of traveller YOU truly are. Don’t feel pressured to make your Instagram feed look like someone else’s just because they have a huge following. Instead, let your photos reflect who you are and that is what will really make your Instagram feed unique. It will give people more reason to view your photos because they know that they can expect authenticity and a different perspective from you. It will also give you real travel memories that you can call your very own, to be treasured for a lifetime! Don’t forget to back those photos up baby! 


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Sarah Lim 

Believes travel is more than food and shopping. Slowly becoming a history and architecture geek. Loves the outdoors but struggles to keep plants alive. Takes photographs, occasionally writes. Follow her adventures at @justsaytravel or just say hello: sarahlimwrites at gmail dot com.