7 Habits to Get You Into Travelling

We are two months into 2020 and with a new decade, comes new adventures! Make this year the start of seeing more of the world, to venture out and to try new things. So if you don’t already practice them, here are seven habits to get you into travelling!


1. All Good Habits Start at Home


Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash


We kick this list off with a reminder that as Malaysians, we have an average of 15 gazetted public holidays a year. What better way to start building that love for travel with the parts of Malaysia you haven’t seen yet? Take a weekend and hop on a plane to visit Sabah and Sarawak for Kaamatan or Gawai. Friendly warning, drink the Sarawakian version of vodka - a clear liquid called the ‘Langkau’ - at your own risk! 


Tip: Harvest Festival season is around the corner! So, make sure you check out an itinerary for a perfect weekend in Sabah: https://www.mayflower.com.my/media/442005/ma0709_5d4n-sabah-trip.pdf


OR plan your trip to the Sarawak Cultural Village for an experience into the fabric of life in Borneo: https://www.mayflower.com.my/media/475704/kch007_sarawak-cultural-village-sic-_05082019.pdf 


2. Reserve Your Holidays in Advance



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Planning things out beforehand helps with sorting out any issues with your impending travel. It also gives your travelling companions a look into your schedule; allowing them time to have an input too! Because you have all the time for it, you can shape and reshape your plans to match your wants and needs.


Tip: If you’re too busy IRL to plan for your next vacation, why not give our friendly customer service representatives a call at 03-9232 1888? They are ready to help with personalizing your best holiday experience that will leave you with memories for a lifetime.


3. Get Inspired



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Most of the time, first-time travellers are lost on where to head to first! A quick search through Google or Pinterest will get you more than enough recommendation lists for you to start with. Get talking to people who have done a bit of travelling themselves. 


Take note of any travel fairs or events happening near you. Sign up for newsletters from airlines and travel sites for their latest promotions. Be open to new ideas that may come your way and expect your plans to change with them!


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4. Get a Travel Buddy




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Travelling solo is a freeing experience, yes. But nothing beats the feeling of seeing the world with people you can be yourself with. Everyone needs a #traveltribe and you aren’t any different! Yours can be a friend, a family member, or even your significant other. What matters is that you choose the right folks to travel with. 


Tip: If you need some tips, check out our article ‘5 Steps to Turn Your Significant Other Into Your Travel Buddy’: https://www.mayflower.com.my/archive/5-steps-to-turn-your-significant-other-into-your-travel-buddy/ 


5. Choose the Road Less Travelled



Get researching and a strange trend on social media will start to emerge - there seems to be a kind of sameness to everyone's travel pictures. No one should have to feel unoriginal on their trip of a lifetime! Find your niche and carve out your space in the big, wide world. Know that you don’t have to follow trends or crowds if you don’t want to. But if you’re as keen as everyone to be standing on the cliff at Nusa Penida in Bali, then, by all means, go ahead.


Tip: Nusa Penida is gorgeous and if you have ever seen it on your social media feed, it is no wonder that it is one of the most visited places in Bali! If you are already planning your perfect shot for the Gram, get there with Mayflower's top picks for a relaxing weekend retreat to beautiful Bali: https://www.mayflower.com.my/media/623911/4d3n_relaxing-bali_-fiwrj3.pdf 


6. Learn a New Language



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Don’t have time to take actual classes? Learning a new language is a download away! Apps like 'Duolingo' come with a variety of language options for any level. You get to learn on your own time in a game-like setting, which adds to the fun. Even if you don’t end up utilising your new speech skills in a real-life setting abroad, it still looks good on a resume!


7. Make Your Daydreams a Reality



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It’s all well and good to daydream about seeing the world. At the end of the day, it only counts if you actually do it. Start hustling to make your daydreams real. Lay the foundations and begin by putting aside travel money. It doesn’t have to be huge chunks of your pay cheque or even a big lifestyle change. All it takes is being conscious of where your money is going and soon enough, you’ll be on that plane to your dream destination in no time!


The truth of the matter is, travelling is something that may take some time to get into. Not everyone gets to do it and not everyone who gets to travel, likes it. Ultimately, remember that there is nothing wrong with taking a moment to figure out what you are looking for in an experience. Your next trip is just a click away and the world is your oyster, so go get it! 


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Charissa Ee 

Always the adventurer at heart, Charissa would rather be dancing on a rocky beach in Wales in the middle of winter or taking in the sunsets of a lost isle on the equator. When she's not out and about exploring what the world has to offer, she can be found binging the latest series on Netflix.