7 Destinations In Malaysia For Ecotourism and Sustainable Travel

08 Apr 2022

Sustainability has grown popular in recent years, with a rise in sustainable consumerism in clothing and lifestyle products. As society turns towards a brighter and greener future, it is no surprise that this is the next step to take. 

Travelers can opt for ecotourism, a form of sustainable travel that is well and alive in the rich ecosystems of Malaysia. With ecotourism, you can now sustainably travel without compromising on quality while still enjoying all the wonderful gifts that nature has to provide. In a blessed country like Malaysia which has a tropical climate, we are home to many conservatories and sanctuaries that are available for visits.

Now with vaccinations on the rise and borders reopening, it seems like travel prospects are back on the table! If you are looking to travel sustainably in Malaysia, look no further than these destinations for a trip that is both healing for the soul and Mother Earth. 


Aman Tioman Beach Resort (Tioman Island)

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Just a few hundred feet away from the village Kampung Paya lies Aman Tioman Beach Resort. You’ll know it by its pristine beach that is surrounded by the lush greenery, giving all of its inhibitors a sense of inner peace. 

With beautiful beaches come serene seas, which always include some snorkeling fun. In fact, Tioman’s islands are protected by the Tioman Marine Conservation Group (TMCG) which has provided work opportunities for locals to gain experience while protecting marine life. 

So grab your snokerling gear and say hi to the friendly sea critters when you try out the 3D2N or 4D3N Aman Tioman Beach Resort travel package today! 


Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort (Tioman Island)

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Yet another marvel of Tioman Island, Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort offers many sustainable and eco-friendly options for travelers to feel at one with nature. Let the healing experience of the 3D2N board package lull you into a sustainable travel dream come true. 

Enjoy boat trips across the pristine waters of Ringgis Island, visits to the Marine Park, and snorkeling sessions to make the most out of the beautiful beach. Travelers can also connect with nature during the Rainforest & Mangrove Swamp Walk to witness century-old plant species at work. 


Redang Beach (Redang Island)

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It’s not a holiday at Redang Island if you don’t visit the iconic Redang Beach! 

Get ready to throw your hands in the air and enjoy the sea breeze, especially since you will be riding on the ferry transfer. This sustainable travel option minimises your carbon footprint, which just sweetens the deal on this 3D2N package.


Bubu Resort (Perhentian Island)

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Traveling on a weekday? We got you! 

Check out Bubu Resort for a luxurious stay of 3D2N on the gorgeous Perhentian Island. This travel package includes FREE round trips scheduled for speed boats and land transfers as well as a snorkeling excursion once you’re on the island. With all of these additions, you will not have to worry about forking out extra costs. 


Tuna Bay Island Resort (Perhentian Island)

(Source: Tuna Bay) 


For the lovers of the sea who would like to spend a little more time enjoying it, you might want to pop by Tuna Bay Island Resort instead. Located on Perhentian Island as well, a travel package here includes twice the amount of snorkeling boat trips around the island! 

Perhentian Island is also famous for their turtle conservation project, as the beach is often flocked by the hundred year old creatures. Volunteers can experience beach night patrols and eco-snorkling. 

Sustainable travel and ecotourism are all about appreciating nature, which is what makes this package all the more worth it. Did we mention the 2-way return boat transfer service as well? With this, you can think less of your carbon footprint and more about the memories you will make. 


Summer Bay Lang Tengah (Lang Tengah Island) 

(Source: Summer Bay Resort)


Come visit this untouched tropical gem of a beach resort on Lang Tengah Island, Summer Bay Lang Tengah. Hidden in an idyllic rainforest with sapphire seas overseeing white beaches, this resort takes sustainable travel and ecotourism to the next level. 

Passionate visitors can opt to participate for the Tengah Island Conservation, where activities such as sea turtle watching, underwater and beach clean up, and marine projects are available for volunteers.

The 3D2N package includes trekking through the jungles of Lang Tengah and a deep sea snorkeling dive, and an exclusive “Blue Tears” tour. 


Bon Ton Resort Langkawi (Langkawi Island) 

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When speaking of Malaysian islands and beaches, one would be ridiculous to leave out the evergreen lush island of Langkawi. Located here is none other than Bon Ton Resort, AKA Langkawi’s finest and most intimate resorts.

For 3D2N, reconnect with nature and your inner self as you relax in any one of eight individually styled antique Malayan villas. Restored and refurbished to give a stylish look while still maintaining historical accuracy and heritage, the sustainable efforts gone into the 100-year villas are a marvel to appreciate. 

With that, we have concluded our best sustainable and eco-friendly destinations for ecotourism in Malaysia! We hope that with this list, you will embark on a journey while traveling responsibly. From the moment you start planning your trip, start involving sustainable elements to live a greener life. 


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