Campervan, motorhome, RV: whatever you call it, this is without a doubt one of the smartest ways to travel. Accommodation on wheels eliminates some of your biggest costs and frees up your itinerary so you can explore at your own leisurely (or not) pace. Fortunately, some of the most beautiful countries in the world are well equipped for this flexible means of travelling.


Western Australia


Western Australia is often overlooked as a holiday destination in favour of the better-known east coast cities or the central region, but the country’s largest state is actually home to some of the more beautiful parts of the country. Start in the bustling southwestern city of Perth and make your way north along the coast, taking in the idyllic beaches along the way. Make sure to dip inland every once in a while, to visit the spectacular natural wonders, like the Hamersley Gorge in Karijini National Park. There are plenty of camping sites that accept campervans across the state, including inside some of the national parks. Some parts of the state do require a four-wheel drive for access.


Hamersley Gorge in Karijini National Park



The Chilean Lake District



Chile’s Lake District is a chronically underrated travel destination, generally cast aside in favour of the Atacama Desert or Patagonia. While those two destinations are stunning, the extreme weather conditions do not make them ideal campervan holidays. The Lake District, on the other hand, has just as many camping sites and temperatures do not drop to below freezing overnight. Be sure to visit Pucón, where you will find a stunning snow-capped mountains and gorgeous waterfalls at the Ojos del Caburgua, and don’t miss the quaint and colourful waterside town of Chiloé. Take care to bring plenty of funds though: there are several paying toll roads and Chile is generally a very expensive country to visit.





Southern France


Campervan holidays are a popular way to explore the varied landscapes of Southern France, from the beaches at Biarritz on the Atlantic Coast to the glitzy glamour of the French Riviera. If you are looking for a beach campervan holiday then look no further. The rural charm of Provence and the pink city of Toulouse in between the two coasts can serve as overnight stops between beaches or as a touring itinerary in their own right. There are camping sights aplenty across the region, and the best are found within walking distance of popular beaches.





Arizona and Utah


Travelling by campervan is a great way to see the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the canyons and national parks in these two great states. Obviously, the likes of the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park are in high demand, and so pre-booking spots on campsites is a must. While this will reduce the spontaneity of your itinerary, the breath-taking views of orange-tinged rock formations and the star-filled night skies more than make up for it. This trip is all about nature, but a couple of days in the big city (either Los Angeles or Las Vegas) can make a great addition.





British Columbia


Canada is a paradise for campervan enthusiasts. The western parts of the country are the better fit for those looking for natural landscapes and activities such as hiking, kayaking and much more. Given how cold Canadian winters are, summer is the best time for a campervan holiday, although the popularity of high season will mean booking campsites in advance. British Columbia offers a brilliant contrast between forest and coast: be sure to visit the pretty beaches or even go whale watching as well as hiking through the bracing wilderness of national parks.





South Africa



With plenty of campsites on offer, a campervan tour of South Africa allows you to take in the astonishing beauty of the national parks without the added expenses of hotels and tour guides. The possibilities are endless: from the popular Garden Tour, which takes in the southern coast from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, to the wildness of Kruger National Park in the northeast. The unsullied landscapes in South Africa will exceed all expectations, and observing elephants (and, if you are lucky, the rest of the big five) in their natural habitat is the experience of a lifetime.


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