5 Ways Travel Has Changed Our Lives In 2020


Close your eyes and picture yourself on a deserted beach… just yourself, a drink in hand, and miles of blinding white sand with no one else in sight - that’s the life of a socially-distancing traveller! While it’s impossible to predict what the future may bring, here are 5 ways travel has already changed this year: 


1. Airport and in-flight sanitation practices 



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Airports and airlines around the world are committed to providing a safe and comfortable flying experience for all their travellers amidst the ongoing pandemic. Extensive health checks are not just limited to temperature screenings - reports suggest airlines might conduct “rapid” 10-minute blood tests at departure gates. Beyond that, airlines are also ramping up hygiene levels in cabins to minimise the risk of infection. This means possible restrictions on hand luggage, no more blankets or pillows, cashless payments, and regular disinfectant fogging. 

With measures like social-distancing in queues, coupled with the now more stringent health checks and disinfection procedures, check-in time is now expected to take up to four hours. So expect longer waiting times to board your flight too! 


2. A shift from group travel to solo travel 



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After China reopened its borders, younger Chinese tourists are reported to be shifting from group travels to free-and-easy travelling. We all know how important it is to socially distance ourselves from others in this ongoing pandemic, so it’s no surprise to see that tourists are now opting to travel independently to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


As a result, tourists are now opting for places where it’s easy to socially distance themselves from others such as national parks, deserts, and islands. Making plans to be more outdoors after long durations of being indoors.


3. Everything is contactless. 



Image by Air Asia Newsroom


We’re sure you’ve heard of e-wallets such as Boost, BigPay and Grab Pay! Post-pandemic, travellers will need to rely on contactless processes as much as possible, including payments, flight check-ins and boarding. To minimise the risk of infection, it’s best not to handle and exchange banknotes and coins or physical boarding passes.


The good news is that airports all around the world have already embraced these changes.


4. Domestic travel will be more popular. 


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With the ongoing pandemic, flying abroad seems to be limited to essential travel with strict restrictions varying from country to country. Meanwhile, domestic travels are easing up with the opening of interstate borders. As we continue to flatten the curve, we’ll start to see a rise in travel to places closer to home.

Travelling local can help boost our local economy. So next time you’re making future travel plans, don’t forget going local!


5. Responsible and sustainable tourism will be the way to go. 



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During this time apart, we have become more aware of how our actions can impact others. By staying home, we’ve helped flatten the curve of COVID-19 and indirectly helped the Earth heal. Hopefully, travellers will be seeking more responsible and sustainable ways to travel in the future, after seeing the impact we have on the environment during this period of self-isolation.   


These travel trends signal a hopeful future where travelling will be a more thoughtful and transformative experience. If your heart is yearning to see the great wide world again, take your time to plan your ultimate vacation! 


If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at other articles and various packages from our blog Meanwhile, stay safe everyone! 

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