5 Ways People Made the Most Out of Their Situation during the COVID-19 Outbreak

25 Mar 2020


All over the world, countries are taking drastic measures in a bid to halt the spread of COVID-19 - including social distancing, closing bars, restaurants and schools, or restricting movement such as in Malaysia. With all the COVID-19 updates in the news, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and miss out on some of the more positive updates that are still occurring in light of this concerning situation. 


During this time of fear and uncertainty, we’ve seen human beings overcome their current situations in many different ways! Here are 5 ways people from around the world made the most out of their situation during the COVID-19 outbreak: 


1. Japanese Students Recreate Cancelled School Graduation on Minecraft 



Photo by backyennew via Twitter


In light of school cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some young graduates have found the perfect workaround to end their primary school journey with a bang: Minecraft. The most impressive aspect of the entire endeavour? The idea was entirely pulled off by the students themselves - without help from teachers or the faculty. 


2. Italians have been singing together on balconies 



In Italy, where citizens have been on lockdown since 9th March, impromptu mass singing and dance-alongs have been taking place via balconies. Check out how these Milanese locals were attempting to keep spirits up despite being housebound! 


Now that’s a Friday night balcony dance party we don’t mind being a part of! 


3. Rooftop Exercise in Spain 



Spanish citizens have proven they will not let the COVID-19 quarantine to keep them from exercising. Fortunately, the social distancing provided a personal trainer in Seville the perfect opportunity to lead a fitness class for those stuck in quarantine - from a roof! The trainer can be seen leading people on their balconies in a workout class, with the clip panning to show numerous people doing jumping jacks alongside their neighbours.  


4. People in Spain have ALSO been playing Bingo through their balconies 



In Seville, this apartment complex found one way to alleviate the boredom of house confinement while boosting community spirit; by playing bingo! A few crafty residents hooked up a loudspeaker to blast out numbers to the rest of the residents. Can we get a B.I.N.G.O ? 


5. Woman uses remote-controlled car to buy food in East China 



What an ingenious hack! A woman in the Shandong province used a remote-controlled car to go food shopping around her hometown in Shandong province. The woman, who goes by the name Chen Tao, used the car’s two cameras and remote controls to navigate it to a shop in the city of Jinan to collect steamed buns. Chen Tao also said she put her phone number on the car — which has a box hitched to the back for groceries — so the shop owner can call her to complete the transaction.


With so much happening in the news outside our homes, we hope these small stories can brighten up your day! Together we can pull through this difficult situation together. Stay safe, everyone! 


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