5 Steps to Turn Your Significant Other Into Your Travel Buddy

They say love makes the world go round! If you have ever looked at your beau and wonder why you two never go anywhere exciting, wonder no more. This Valentine’s Day, we have the perfect step-by-step method on turning your significant other into the perfect travel buddy: 


Step 1: Research both of your interests



Photo by taylor hernandez on Unsplash


A travel plan should have a good blend of places and activities for the varying tastes of you and your partner. Research things your partner may want to do, especially if these activities belong in a category you aren’t familiar with, i.e. going bungee jumping for the first time. This can be an overwhelming process, so make it fun by planning your trip together! 


What if you two love the idea of going to the same country - but have different interests? Why not try out one of our Free & Easy packages so you can plan activities around your varying interests? The packages come with a hotel stay and airport transfer with optional tours you can take so you’ll be well taken care of! Take a look at our Seoul Free & Easy and package to see what we mean:


Step 2: Take your taste buds on a flavour trip



Photo by Hari Panicker on Unsplash


“Meat” each other halfway and try a few unfamiliar foods before taking on your holiday together! A country’s cuisine speaks a lot of its heritage and you’ll be served a history lesson right at the table - even before you go on vacation itself. The flavour trip can be a part of the research process that you both undertake together while deciding on where you both want to go. For instance, if both of you enjoy a warm hearty bowl of ramen, why not plan a trip to Japan and go ramen hunting? Sapporo, Hokkaido is known as the birthplace of one of the 3 greatest regional Ramen recipes in Japan! Check out our 4D3N Hokkaido-Sapporo Free & Easy package here: 



Step 3: Try a road trip first 



Photo by Alex Jumper on Unsplash


Before taking the big plunge and flying out to an exotic location, gauge whether your partner is “travel-worthy” by taking him/her on a road trip. After spending hours taking turns driving, talking, or listening to your partner’s music in the car - it’s inevitable that you’ll be able to learn new things about your partner. What secrets do you hope to uncover while driving to your destination? 


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Step 4: Or a staycation 



Not a fan of hitting the open road? A staycation is in the cards for you! Book a stay in a 4- to 5-star resort and snuggle in with your significant other. Enjoy the luxurious amenities that the hotel has to offer. Buffet Breakfast? Spa sessions for two? Or just chill by the pool with a glass of bubbly or two? The possibilities are endless for the couple who just need to wind down and take a break. Check out our 3D2N Langkawi Honeymoon package here: https://mayflower.com.my/media/542876/3d2n-honeymoon-package-bayview-hotel-langkawi_24102019.pdf 


Step 5: Once he or she is ready, take on a GRAND Adventure. 



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