5 Reasons Why You Should #TravelLater


As lockdown regulations begin to relax all around the world, we begin to navigate what is known as the ‘New Normal’. If you’ve been dreaming about future travels, you’re not alone. Some of us have spent time reminiscing about the good ol’ days and cannot wait when it’s time to start travelling again!


But we still aren’t certain when things will be returning to normal anytime soon. In this time spent apart, let us recount the 5 reasons why you should #TravelLater:


1. The world is still healing.


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You’ve probably seen uplifting reports on animals returning to their habitats and air pollution levels dropping. The absence of human beings has helped the Earth heal. For those of us stuck at home, we’re still processing these changes and trying to make an effort towards a eco-friendly lifestyle. As nature heals, we can use this time to reflect upon how we do better for more sustainable living.


2. We are still figuring out how to socially distance in various situations.


Temperature screenings, sanitizing checkpoints and masks are the new norm no matter where you are as long as you’re out of your home. Airlines and major hotel chains around the world have sanitation policies in place for essential travellers. That being said, most of us are still navigating through these SOPs, and it’s important for us to learn them and stay accountable for the safety of everyone. 


3. The possibility of exploring more locally!



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While flying abroad is out of the question, domestic restrictions are slowly easing up! Whilst social distancing, it may dawn on you on how much you’ve missed out on the places close to home. Local travel might help you appreciate the places you grew up in—and how fortunate you are to have grown up with so much beauty within reach. Now’s the time to explore your own country and see what it has to offer!


4. Airlines and agencies are offering great promos for future travel.


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Some good news! Airlines and hotel chains around the world have now started offering various deals for future travels. Major airlines are reported to be waiving change fees for new bookings giving customers a degree of flexibility, whereas hotels have been selling credits and ‘bonds’ for future discounted travel to stay afloat during these times.


5. It's good to take time to plan out the ultimate vacation!


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Despite how we’re unable to physically travel, there’s no harm in planning! The bottom line is that folks will start travelling again sometime in the future, why not take time to plan out the ultimate vacation? 


If you’re looking for inspiration, don’t forget to browse through articles from our blog or check out our various packages for itinerary ideas. Meanwhile, stay safe everyone! 


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