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Originally known as Boorloo among the indigenous people, Perth is the fourth largest city in the wild and wonderful state of Western Australia. Shared by a population of only 2.14 million who have easy access to a 78 mile coastline, city life in the valley, and farmland atop the hills, it is one of Australia’s most underrated holiday destinations. While many Malaysians would choose to visit Melbourne or Sydney (both cities that are already jam-packed with people!), here are five  reasons why you should give Perth a go for your next getaway. 



1. Close proximity 


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We’ve all heard how amazing Australia is as a holiday destination. But sometimes it can seem like quite a far-away place to get to, causing you to put that idea on the shelf till you have accumulated more annual leave days for a big trip. However, the mere five hour flight from Kuala Lumpur, makes Perth the closest Australian destination where you get to experience the best version of that laid back Aussie life in the same time zone! Because of its proximity, AirAsia flights from Kuala Lumpur to Perth can go as low as RM300-579 (one-way) during sale season! That’s almost the price of flying from KL to East Malaysia at peak season. Keep up with our travel deals to get the best prices for your next trip to Perth.



2. Access to the best of nature


Outdoor adventure junkies and nature-lovers, this place is created just for you. Don’t be fooled when you hear of how small and simple Perth city is because this small city is the gate to nature’s most incredible experiences all in one state! Perth’s neighboring regions within Western Australia feature caves, lakes - pink ones too, forests, farmland, rivers, sand dunes and of course plenty of beaches and water activities. Let’s talk about a few of these: 


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Just 3 hours and 20 minutes from Perth is Ngilgi Cave, in Yallingup. It’s filled with beautiful natural crystal formations and plenty of Aboriginal history - a fantastic experience for families even with little kids, 36 metres underground! Further down are three more famous caves - Lake Cave, Mammoth Cave and Jewel Cave. Entry tickets start at $22 and need to be booked in advance. More info here


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Another nature-related activity south of Perth is bike riding or walking in Western Australia’s clean and dry forests. Margaret River is famous for well-kept bike trails for riders at all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Rent your bikes at $39 for a good four hours from The Hairy Marron, a cosy bike rental shop and cafe operated by a friendly chap named Paul. He’ll provide water, helmets, and a bike map along with your bike too. Once you’re done, treat yourself to a good cuppa and homemade cakes at the cafe. Clean and spacious toilets are also available on the premises. 

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Plenty of campsites are scattered north of Perth such as Guilderton Caravan Park which is fully equipped with clean toilets, BBQ pits, and even a kitchen space! You’ll thoroughly enjoy the “glamping” experience as campsite facilities are well-maintained. Once you’ve pitched your tent, hire a canoe from up stream at Silver Creek and paddle out onto the Moore River to appreciate life along the river bank. More info here


You could also hire a car from No Birds - one of the most affordable car rentals in Perth - and drive further up to go sand boarding at Lancelin sand dunes. Wear long sleeves, long pants, a cap and sun glasses to protect yourself from the sun! It looks hot but can get really breezy due to the strong winds blowing from the ocean nearby. Board rental starts at $12.50. Pre-booking online is required. More info here



3. A little bit of everything



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So maybe outdoor sports and spending time in nature isn’t really for you. Fret not! Perth really does have something for everyone. If you appreciate the finer things in life, wine tasting is a must-do on your itinerary as Western Australia has up to 150 wineries with many of them located within Swan Valley, Perth Hills, and Margaret River regions. Fancy a shopping spree? Hit the CBD and shop till you drop on Murray Street or check out Harbourtown for the best discount deals across Australian favourite brands: Dotti, Cotton On, Supre, Just Jeans, Oroton, and the usual sports brands too: Puma, Bikes, Adidas. 



Those interested in history and architecture will also notice that the city of Perth, being a British settlement in 1829, has many heritage buildings which display the architectural beauty of that era. In the recent years, moany modern architects have also taken up the mantle of adding their mark to the cityscape, creating a unique amalgamation of old and new which complement one another perfectly. Try a self-guided architecture walk designed by a non-profit called the Historic Heart of Perth Inc



4. An island of cute quokkas


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Many parts of Australia are blessed with great island beaches and Rottnest Island is a popular highlight of any visit to Perth. It’s about a 25-minute ferry ride from Fremantle port and everyone knows the highlight of that trip are the islands furry inhabitants - quokkas! Known to be the happiest animal because of its friendly demeanor (although most animals in Australia are quite friendly anyway), the quokka is a type of herbivorous marsupial which inspired the Dutch name of the island - Rottnest or “rat's nest” as perceived by a Dutch settler in 1696. Aside from their small-bodied figure, there little creatures are anything but ratty, in fact they’re actually quite smiley and make great Instagrammable moments! Ride on the trend and get your own #quokkaselfie! Other activities on Rottnest include snorkeling or just exploring the 11km island by bike. More info on ferry tickets, island passes, and bike rentals here.  



5. Best sunsets 



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Imagine this, every part of the coastline of Perth is the best spot to catch a gorgeous sunset simply because Perth is located on the western-most region of Australia and its beaches directly face the great Indian Ocean! The sunsets in Perth are as dramatic as it gets and you can catch it from the white sands of Cottesloe Beach, the limestone cliffs of Point Peron, or even in the city at Kings Park Botanical Garden. This park is known to be the largest city park in the world - beating even Central Park NYC, and has one of the best panoramic views you could ever get of a city that developed from a huge body of water. Drive up to Kings Park in the evening with a picnic basket full of snacks, pick any spot on the grass facing the city, and watch as the city’s glass tiled buildings and surface of Swan River start to reflect and glisten with the golden glow of the setting sun. The park also hosts a number of festivals and events throughout the year so if you plan your trip well, you can make your time spent there even more worthwhile. More info on Kings Park here


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