5 Online Games You Can Play With Friends If You Bored of Among Us

23 Oct 2020


2020 has brought about no shortage of new games to play with our friends and family. Earlier this year, we witnessed the rise of games like Animal Crossing and Fall Guys - and now the 

latest “in” game that everyone’s been talking about is Among Us! If you can't get enough of Among Us, here are five other online to play with your friends:


1. Secret Hitler 

Photo by Tabletop Simulator via Steam


Like Among Us, Secret Hitler is a social deduction game. Players will be randomly assigned into one of two teams - and you have to slowly figure out who to trust. Each game can take five to 10 players. 


Find it for free here.


2. Werewolf Online

Photo by Werewolf Online Via Google Play 


Werewolf Online is based on the classic party card game! Players are assigned roles as different villagers and the objective of the game is to find out who amongst them is a werewolf before the village is destroyed. Each game can take up to 15 players. 


Find it on the App Store or Google Play


3. Spyfall 

Photo by SpyFall via Google Play 


In Spyfall, every player (except for the spy) is given a common location and a list of possible occupations one could have at the said location. Players will take turns asking each other vague questions to “sus” out the spy. This game is best played between four to 10 people.


Find it on the App Store or Google Play.


4. Psych! 

Photo by Psych! Via Google Play 


Prefer something that tickles your intellect instead? Try out Psych! - a guessing game in which each player makes up fake answers to real trivia questions. Every round ends in laughter when you see the ridiculous facts to these real life questions - the more ridiculous, the better! The game has no player limit, so the more the merrier! 


Get it on the App Store or Google Play.


5. Monopoly Online 

Image by Doerge from Pixabay 


The famous board game that challenges all friendships is now available online! At least when you’re playing Monopoly virtually you won’t have to keep calculating and counting your money. A private game of monopoly on this website holds up to 4 players. 


Find it here


It's going to be a while until the world returns to normal, so don't let social distancing get in the way of spending time with friends and family. Meanwhile, we would like to remind everyone to stay safe during this period of restricted movement. See you again soon!