10 Wellness Retreats to Recharge in 2020

Health is wealth. If your new year's resolutions already include eating clean and working out regularly, why not elevate your wellness regimes with a wellness retreat that will ensure you're well taken care of, inside and out? With an array of treatments and therapies to offer, these resorts are sure to recharge your mind, body, and soul. 


Relieve the stress of the daily grind with these 10 wellness retreats in Malaysia and Asia to recharge in 2020: 




Spa Village, Pangkor Laut 



Image by Spa Village 


Founded on a private island along Malaysia's famed coasts, Spa Village offers a long list of physical and spiritual healing programmes from China, Japan, India, Thailand, Bali and Malaysia. Completely rejuvenate your body, mind, spirit and soul in one of the 22 beautiful Spa villas over the sea. It is no wonder that visitors consider this to be one of the most scenic retreats in the country! 


The Banjaran Hot Springs Resort, Ipoh 


Image by Banjaran Hot Springs Resort 


If you're opting for a holistic approach to wellness, The Banjaran Hot Springs Resort is a perfect fit for you! The heart and soul of the Banjaran wellness experience lies in its inherent Asian philosophy - offering a comprehensive menu of traditional Chinese medicine, ayurvedic therapy, Malay healing rituals to contemporary spa treatments, using both pure and natural ingredients, as well as the purest extracts and essential oils from Aromatherapy Associates, an award-winning British product.   


The Chateau Wellness Resort, Bukit Tinggi



Image by The Chateau Wellness Resort 


Slated as one of the most luxurious pampering retreats, immerse yourself at the spa resort as a team of specialists take you on a journey of rejuvenation and tranquility like no other. The Chateau's La Sante spa offers some of the most potent and cutting edge wellness programmes. Treatments include the Aquaveda bed, salt grotto steam rooms, aroma hydro pools, and more, each serving a different purpose in the ultimate goal to help you de-stress and relax. 


V Integrated Wellness at The Andaman Suites, Langkawi


Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash 


V Integrated Wellness introduces escapes that serve to renew the mind, body and spirit and spirit to encourage a sense of conscious living. Situated at the luxurious Andaman Suites at Langkawi, they offer 5 day 4 night Core Wellness Programs that go far beyond pampering and indulgence to deliver results. Whether your goal is to detox or simply achieve deep relaxation, V Integrated Wellness will be able to meet your needs. 


The Orchard Wellness Resort, Malacca 


Image by The Orchard Wellness Resort 


Surrounded by lush tropical greenery, The Orchard Wellness Resort is a serene luxury getaway for healing and self-discovery on your healthy lifestyle journey. Founded by a doctor, this resort intends to combine healthcare and travel in a luxe retreat in the quieter side of Malacca. It is also the first and only resort in the entire country to offer treatment and recovery programmes using 'speleotherapy' that features Himalayan rock salt tiles, renowned for powerful restorative properties.



Amanoi, Ninh Thuan, Vietnam 


Image by Amanoi 


Since opening in 2013, Amanoi’s spa has reaped multiple awards. The recent additions of two dedicated spa houses and a wellness programme centred on East Asian medicine therapy have only strengthened the offerings! Whether one chooses to detox or to destress, each programme is goal-oriented and tailored for a minimum of three full days. 


Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, Sri Lanka 


Image by Anantara 


The resort embodies the Anantara philosophy of “without end” with its extensive array of mind, body and soul-rejuvenating experiences. At the spa, you can indulge in a range of Sri Lankan, Western and other Asian treatments. Indulge in the Pinda Sweda, an anti‑inflammatory Ayurvedic massage to improve circulation in the body using warm bags of heat-generating herbs and spices.


Ayana Resort & Spa, Bali 


Image by Ayana 


If rest and respite is what you’re after, Ayana Resort & Spa delivers a peerless experience at Bali’s largest spa facility. Operated by Thermes Marin Bali, the resort boasts 53 treatment rooms as well as Asia’s most extensive thalassotherapy (also known as seawater therapy) spa. Treatments at the Spa on the Rocks are all unique and created to bring in elements of the sea and make you feel one with nature.


Banyan Tree Spa & Sanctuary, Phuket


Image by Banyan Sanctuary

Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary’s wellness programme is anchored on the belief that your well‑being is linked to not just your physical strength, but also your mind, relationships, and connection to nature. The resort offers 50 weekly activities that include practice classes, workshops and inspirational activities. These offerings ensure that there’s something for everyone, whether you want to improve your physical strength, nourish the mind or simply just need a breather from the daily grind.  


Six Senses Fiji, Fiji 


Image by Six Senses Fiji 


 A wellness sojourn at Six Senses Fiji begins with a health screening that allows the specialists to tailor a bespoke programme. It includes regular spa treatments, meditation and personal training sessions, all balanced with healthy and delicious gastronomic options. Once you have completed the programme, you'll be able to return home with a renewed sense of health and frame of mind - truly embodying the rejuvenation that you seek. 


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