10 Reasons Why People Should Go On A Cruise At Least Once In Their Lives


If you’re still in doubt, here are 10 reasons why you should go on a cruise vacation:




New Experiences or Adventures


One of the main reasons people book cruises is to visit new places and islands as well as to try new fun activities during the pit stops. For instance, one could try new adrenaline-rush type experiences such as zip-lining high above a rainforest canopy, parasailing and even diving in the most unique destinations. Unlike a traditional journey by road, you will be able to explore and see way more than other conventional vacations at your own pace.




Make new friends and meet new people of different cultures


Vacations are often some of the best occasions to meet very interesting people who might end up becoming lifelong friends. While you might meet new people on a traditional vacation, a cruise vacation enables you to meet people from all around the world and develop deeper bonds. Since several people will be spending a couple of days onboard the same vessel, breaking the ice with a stranger comes more easily than usual.  



Dining and trying new food


Much like how Las Vegas has become a test kitchen for international food artists, cruises are stepping up their game by engaging acclaimed chefs in fine dining restaurant partnerships and even offering extravagant cooking classes for passengers. Many passengers are often more than delighted to treat themselves to an unlimited lobster and escargot feast as well as a variety of quality beverages while onboard.



Fun while you cruise


 All cruise packages offer an interesting variety of onboard activities to keep their guests occupied and entertained. Options such as wine-tasting, enjoying a sensual spa, watching a live band performance or simply just kicking back and lounging by the sun by the pool at open sea are perfect holiday activities. For those into health and fitness, amenities such as gyms, sports classes and even yoga and meditation classes are available onboard.




Stress-free planning


Very often, planning a holiday while balancing a demanding job or household chores can feel more stressful than relaxing. However, the great thing about a cruise is that you can book an entire package at your fingertips all inclusive of flights, cabins and food. Almost all cruise packages have ready plans for group travel, eliminating the hassle of coordinating with multiple family members or friends who might want to join you on vacation.


See multiple destinations, unpack only once


On a cruise, you need to unpack only once while your floating hotel takes you from city to city. There is no need to burden oneself with train or ferry schedules or lug your heavy suitcase along cobblestone streets. You can wake up to the sight of a beautiful new city every morning so be sure to pick an itinerary that visits all the cities on your bucket list.


Cruise ships are family-friendly


Cruises are ideal for everyone in the family, from grandparents to their teenagers, toddlers, and anyone in between. Nowadays, cruise lines' kids’ programs offer everything from the over-the-top activities (ice-skating rinks, zip-lines, bumper cars) to simple pleasures (arts and crafts, storytelling, scavenger hunts). Some go to even greater lengths to keep kids occupied and inspired with a plethora of classes and games; from finger-painting for the little ones to pool parties for the bigger kids. As for toddlers, many cruise lines offer group babysitting, in-cabin sitters at sea and childcare drop-off facilities, catered for those occasions when parents want some time for themselves. Parents will be able to have some leisure time to visit bars, watch performances or even sneak in a romantic dinner between husband and wife while their children are well taken care of. Families can all reunite to spend time together as a unit during shore-side excursions and family breakfasts.



Digital Detox


During a cruise, most people tend to find themselves looking up from their smartphones and enjoying the view to live in the moment and appreciate the world around them. Some passengers even choose recreational activities such as reading books instead of constantly fidgeting with their laptops or tablets. It's usually easy to unplug during a cruise, whether because the internet connectivity can be prohibitively expensive or because you might be sailing through a remote part of the globe with limited cellular service. However, it is sometimes healthy to take a break from technology and bask in the beauty of God’s splendid creation of nature on earth.



A Panoramic Ocean View


One especially great thing about cruise vacations is that you can enjoy a breathtaking ocean view constantly. After a fun-filled day, cruises offer you the option to lay on the deck for a poolside movie or stargaze like you never have before. There’s more to it. The Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class vessels go a step further by redefining panoramic ocean view with their North Star – a jewel-shaped glass viewing capsule which transports guests more than 91 metres above the ocean and over the sides of the ship to deliver breathtaking 360-degree views. Take in the illuminated swirl of the cosmos while your cruise ship peacefully glides across the sea. There's no other experience like it.




Great Value-for-Money


A cruise vacation offers great value for your money as a cruise provides you with almost everything you need on board. The cruise combines accommodation and transport while getting you to wonderful destinations in style. Food is served a la carte and buffet-style — not just at mealtimes, but all hours of the day and night, so you need never go hungry or pay for a bite to eat if you don't want to. Entertainment is also included in the cruise fare, so you never need to open your wallet — and that means you will be able to stick to your holiday budget.




Cruise vacations are meaningful experiences that will leave you and your loved ones with a lifetime of memories. When you cruise the open sea, exploring ports of call and taking in new cultural experiences with Mayflower, there's no question that you'll come back again for more. Visit https://www.mayflower.com.my/cruise/ to discover more once-in-a-lifetime cruise experiences!